My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 9


Chapter 9 :

However, she could tell that her parents-in-laws were trying to keep the peace with her.

Her mother-in-law took her hands and placed a priceless jade bracelet on her wrist. While her mother-in-law was doing that, she was also explaining how military affairs were matters that should be taken seriously. Her son was also the army’s leader, and he was leading tens of thousands of troops. If there was something going on in the army camp, he would have to make a trip there.

Her mother-in-law spoke such lies through her teeth, so she would just follow along with her mother-in-law. She acted gentle and elegant while she responded to her mother-in-law’s explanation, “Husband is a person who does great things, so this Wife understands.”


There are some matters where it doesn’t matter if it was the truth or the lie. What matters was if someone actually spent time and effort to make a good excuse. As long as they do used effort, then she would just follow along with it. This way, it would save everyone a lot of trouble.


“Qing’er, there are sometimes where it doesn’t matter if something is the truth. What you need to care about is how it ends. Sometimes, it will be necessary for us humans to live in lies.This way everyone will live with less troubles to worry about. People, who care too much about the truth, are usually the ones who lived exhaustingly. Why should you look for trouble for yourself?”


This was the reasonings that her mother had taught her. It was also the technique in living comfortably in a large house. She had memorized her mother’s words by heart.


She was the new comer to this household, and she had not claimed any of her territory yet. Since Fu Yanlin already did not want to see her, then she would not act stupidly and establish so many enemies from the start.


After she paid her respect and brought tea to her parent-in-laws, she went towards the family’s temple to pay her respects to the ancestors. At this moment in time, Mu Huanqing had officially become Fu Yanlin’s wife. Other than paying her respects to her parent-in-laws, Mu Huanqing obediently stayed in her own courtyard. In the outsiders’s eyes, she seemed to be very content and follows the rules. However, if they thought that she would just stay in her courtyard forever and wait for death, then they would be really wrong.


Although she had married, she had not given up her future to be controlled by her husband yet. She has also never had the thought about living off of and relying on her husband, nor has she ever thought of giving birth to a son and immediately become the main wife.


Marriages between  families with high authorities were usually based off of the political interest of the two families. She did not marry into the Hou Manor to have a love affair with Fu Yanlin. Also, she was used to acting quietly and obediently like the other misses from other families. Up until now, she was still thinking about what to do with her future.


If Fu Yanlin treated her well and all, then she would naturally repay the favor and treat him well too. If Fu Yanlin still doesn’t want to see her, then she would not go beyond her limits to make a fool out of herself by getting him to notice her with tricks like the other wives.


She was not the type of person that would just sit there and wait it out. She was actually a girl who knows how to entertain  herself by being occupied with other stuff. One of the things she does everyday was patrolling and looking around  the Hou Manor.


When everyone thought that she was in her courtyard practicing her embroidery skills, she has already used her Qing Gong and was observing the entire Hou Manor. She did this because familiarizing and understanding a new environment was her habit.


She spent four days in order to memorize the whole Hou Manor’s terrain. She also had time taken away from her by going back to eat lunch and matters about her going back to her parents’ house for the first time after marriage.


On the day that she would be going back to her parents’ house for the first time after marriage, she dressed herself up prettily and looked very gentle. She slowly walked out of her room and came to the entrance of the door. When she saw the man standing next to the carriage, she could not help but feel startled.


Fu Yanlin had finally appeared. His expressions were very serious and stern, and his whole body emitted a cold chilling aura. His existence also caused the temperature around him to decrease.


It looks like no matter how much he wasn’t satisfied with this marriage, he still didn’t dare to slap the Emperor’s face. If he did not pay his respects by giving tea to his parents every morning, outsiders would not know about that. However, once they were out of the Hou Manor, there would be many eyes staring at them. If he did not accompany her to see her parents, then this matter would definitely spread to the Emperor’s ears.


So does this mean that he decided to act out a show with her today?


She slowly walked towards the horse carriage, and before she got on, she did not forget to cast him a glance. Look at that stupid face that never looked anything other than indifferent. She was really doubtful whether or not he would be able to smile when they meet her father at the Mu Manor.


Fu Yanlin, don’t embarrass our Mu Huanqing… Or the army will beat you up!!!


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