My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 8



Chapter 8 :

No matter how well one practiced, the true result would be seen during times of trouble.

“Young Miss, this… What should we do? The son-in-law left…. This… this-”

Mu Huanqing saw that her family’s maids were scared into this state and couldn’t help but shake her head. “What’s there to be worried about? Look at those maids. They’re worthy of being trained by an important family. Seeing the new groom running away, they’re still perfectly calm. You all need to learn from them.”

All  four maids from the Marquis’ residence quietly sized this new Mistress up. At this time, she could still joke around. Her face was absent of any indignation or shame.

Mu Huanqing knew that from the moment she entered the Marquis’ Residence, all her actions and expressions were being watched by others. Naturally, the entire Marquis Residence would know of the new groom abandoning the new bride, so she didn’t need to worry about this.

Right now, she only wanted to eat and sleep. After being tired for an entire day, her biggest priority was to rest. Tomorrow, when she woke up, she would figure out the rest.

“Help me change clothes.” she ordered, leaving two of the Marquis’ maids and two of her own maids by her side to assist her. The other four were allowed to return to their rooms to rest early.

The four maids skillfully removed her wedding clothes and phoenix crown, brought over a basin of water, gave her towels, washed her feet, and combed her hair.

After removing her makeup and changing into more comfortable clothing, she happily sighed and commanded the maids to blow out the lights before going to bed.

Mu Huanqing slept very well that night.

She had lived on the great prairies in the north for seven years. Sometimes, she had to sleep outdoors or in an unconventional place, so she wasn’t like the other pampered young misses. She could still sleep even though the place was different and did not worry all night over the matter of her new husband abandoning her.

Speaking of which, this was her and Fu Yanlin’s first time meeting each other. They never had any emotions to begin with. She was also not satisfied with this marriage either, so naturally, she understood his feelings.

The next day, she was already very spirited. She let the maids help her wash and dress her and watched as they tied her hair into the hairstyle of a married woman. Because she had a good night of sleep, her complexion looked very good.

Mu Huanqing looked in the mirror and felt very pleased with her appearance. She allowed the maids to help her out and waited in the reception pavilion for Fu Yanlin to get her so that they could go serve tea to the elders.

However, after waiting a long time, she didn’t see Fu Yanlin anywhere.

Mu Huanqing thought for a moment. Could it be that he dared to not serve tea to the elders today either? Just as she was thinking about this, a manservant came, saying that he received the Old Madam’s command. According to her, the Marquis received urgent news from the army last night and immediately raced over there. He still had not returned.

Mu Huanqing was startled when she heard this and had to use a handkerchief to hide her astonished expression. He actually dared to not serve tea to his elders. Was he not afraid that the Emperor would know? Did the Residence’s people also let him have his way?

She clearly knew that this was a lie, yet she had to continue to pretend. He could be absent from this, but she could not, so she made her maids come with her as she left the courtyard.

The parents-in-law were already in the hall waiting for her. Other than the main wife, Old Madam, there were four other concubines present. There were two children from the main wife and five children from the concubines. Mu Huanqing paid her respects to them all and served them tea.

She kept a happy smile on her face the entire time, displaying a cute and docile manner. As for her husband, she didn’t say a single word of criticism.

She didn’t think that Fu Yanlin owed her anything, so she was too lazy to bicker with him. She had lived on the great prairies since she was thirteen, so she had a straightforward personality. However, she was one of the Capital’s young misses, so she knew the social etiquettes in the Capital and the complicated schemes.


Mu Huanqing, it’s okay. I’m going to chase after that terrible husband of yours and BEAT HIM UP!!!!!!! *angry eyes*


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