My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 7



Chapter 7 :

The Emperor’s decisions were hard to understand, but they could not be disobeyed. She could fight with her father all day long if she wanted to, but she could not disgrace His Majesty. She could only obediently get married.

Even more, she could not deny that this marriage was something all the girls in the Capital wanted. Because Zhenyuan Marquis’ ancestors had done amazing deeds for the country, they were given an hereditary title. In addition, the current Zhenyuan Marquis was not only good looking in appearance but was an amazing general, so the Emperor conferred him a title. Clearly, he had a good future ahead of him.

With such an amazing husband, she really had nothing to pick about. However, Mu Huanqing did not have the shyness of other bride-to-be’s. Once she thought of the wedding night and what would happen, she could not help but feel worried. However, thinking it over, in this world, what girl would not have to suffer this torment? Fine, she would just clench her teeth and get over it.

After thinking it through, she did not dwell over it again. On the day of the wedding ceremony, she sat alone in the bedroom, waiting for the groom to come and take off her red veil. When she was almost falling asleep from waiting, she suddenly heard the door open and jolted awake.

When the red veil was taken off, she was also as timid and shy as the other new brides as she raised her head up to look at her husband.

However, what she witnessed was a cold and indifferent face.

Fu Yanlin, the Capital’s famous Marquis, was 21 years old that year. He had a majestic appearance with an unmatched face, well-shaped black eyebrows, and a sharp pair of eyes. He was so handsome that it shocked Mu Huanqing. However, under his cold and indifferent gaze, her heart also cooled down.

With one gaze, she understood that this man did not like her. In his eyes, other than detachment, there was hate.

Fu Yanlin was truly irritated by her. He didn’t want to marry the Mu Family’s daughter at all. His paths had never crossed with Mu Cangying, yet Mu Cangying just had to shamelessly try to match his daughter with him. When the Marquis refused the offer, Mu Cangying had even unscrupulously gone to the Emperor to write an Imperial edict which forced him into the marriage.

Fu Yanlin was a military man; thus, he had the stubborn and upright disposition of a typical military man. He had always disliked Master Mu because he was always flattering others who were above him. That man always smiled like an old fox. Thinking about Mu Cangying’s scheming, he naturally had no good feelings for his daughter either.

Mu Huanqing could clearly see his gloomy face. He was dressed in cheerful red wedding garb, yet his entire body emitted an aura of evilness, just like a general on the battlefield, about to kill his enemies.

He definitely deserved to be called a general. Just by standing there and staring at people, he could stare them into being terrified.

She opened her eyes wide to stare back at him. He didn’t open his mouth and neither did she. Suddenly, he turned around and walked away, not saying anything.

Mu Huanqing was stupefied. What was he playing now? He just left like this?

She was astonished at first, then felt like it was laughable. Looks like the new groom was more displeased by this Imperial edict of marriage than the new bride was. And the result of the displeasure was his refusal to complete the wedding night with her.

She had worried about this for the whole day, yet the new groom ran off himself. For someone to take the blame of not completing the wedding night, she was only too happy. Why would she even care to block him? This meant that tonight, she could rest peacefully.

Comparing him to herself, Mu Huanqing felt that she was better at this. At least she knew how to pretend and didn’t lose her temper. This Marquis actually didn’t even bother to pretend. He wasn’t even afraid that this would be known by the Emperor. She did not have this courage.

She stood up and called the eight maids in, who were standing in the reception pavilion outside. The four maids from the Marquis’ residence were very quiet and weren’t panicking over the Marquis’ departure. After Mu Huanqing plucked her eyebrows and took a look at herself, she turned around to see that the four maids from the Mu Residence that were part of her dowry were beside themselves with panic.


I think Mu Huanqing is one of the only brides in her time period to do that… How will her husband’s family treat her now? *cries tears of sorrow for poor Miss Mu while simultaneously beating up that scoundrel of a husband*


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