My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 6


Chapter 6 :

It was such a pity that Master Mu was like the reincarnation of a cunning fox. With just a little bit of manipulation in court, an imperial edict had sent Mu Huanqing back to the Capital city. It was as if lightning had struck her and brought her down from Heaven to Earth. She could only accept her fate.

Everyone said that the marriage that Master Mu had asked for was something that all of the young misses in the Capital wanted. In the Mu Manor, there were many other daughters. However, her father gave her the best marriage. However, Mu Huanqing actually understood the real reason behind his actions. He was using her marriage to bind her to the Capital, which meant he was essentially binding her mother to him.

Mu Huanqing was very angry. Her father was always unscrupulously calculating against her mother. Now, he was even plotting against his daughter. Therefore, she was angered to the point of fighting with her father.

“Mother, don’t cry… Daughter is okay…” Mu Huanqing guiltily comforted her mother. One hand lightly rested on her mother’s hand. Her mother’s tears seemed to land on her heart, making her heart ache.

Her mother usually never cried. She had only cried twice. Once was because she wanted something, so she pretended to cry in front of her father. The second time was when she truly cried because of her daughter. Now, Mother was truly crying.

“He dared to injure you! Even tigers, however cruel they are, look after their young. He… I will definitely ignore him from now on!” Li Concubine cried and angrily shouted at the same time.


“No need to explain. Mother understands. This move was to bind both of us to him. It’s Mother who has troubled you…”

Mu Huanqing tightly held onto her mother’s hand, quietly saying, “Mother, marrying people isn’t a big deal. I’m not even being imprisoned. Daughter is not dumb and knows how to live her life… Mother knows my abilities, right?” She wittily blinked her eyes a few times, finally making Mother laugh in spite of her crying,

Li Concubine gently caressed her daughter’s face, nodding while laughing and crying at the same time. “Be at ease, Mother understands. It’s just that I have wronged you.”

“Daughter has not suffered any grievance. Think on the bright side. Once I go to the Marquis’ Manor, then I won’t be under the watch of Father’s spies anymore. This way, things will go much smoother. Daughter will think of a way to go back to those prairies. Mother should patiently wait for that day when I will bring you with me!”

Li Concubine laughed and lightly nodded her head. After, her face became heavy again, “You should not plainly suffer for no reason. He dared to scheme against you. Mother won’t let him off easily!”

Mu Huanqing’s eyes suddenly gleamed brightly and a mischievous smile came across her face.

Her mother was the type of person who would do what she said. Because of her daughter’s suffering, Li Concubine ignored Mu Cangying all the way until her daughter’s marriage. She did not even let him enter her room. When Mu Huanqing remembered her father’s ashen and sad face, she would laugh so hard.

Maybe this was what was called “something could always be subdued by something else.” Mu Cangying was as clever as a fox in court and always vying for power. However, he was only kind and loving to Li Concubine. He even got maids who had high martial art skills to protect her. He also made sure none of the other concubines and wives never bothered her.

Even though Li Concubine was a concubine, but everyone in the Mu Manor knew that other than the fact that her title was not the main wife, she had the most power. Even the main wife did not dare to offend her.

Li Concubine refused Master Mu for three months. It was plenty enough for Mu Huanqing to let her anger out.

Such a pity that she still had to go through the marriage and the ceremony.

Once a bird has had a taste of the vast and open sky, it would not like to stay in a golden cage, however gorgeous and luxurious it may be.

Mu Huanqing spent three months nursing her internal injury. She knew that her temper could only be shown in the Mu Manor. Once she left, she would have to control her temper. After all, this was the Emperor’s specially conferred marriage. Even though she did not like this idea, she could not let it show on her face.


I love Mu Huanqing’s mom. Go Li Concubine~ *waves pom poms*


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