My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 5


Chapter 5 :

Since she could not win against him, she would also not let her father off easily. Therefore, when her father’s fist came flying at her, she purposefully did not hide and even raised her face to give him to hit.

Sure, girls always valued their appearances the most. However, she, Mu Huanqing, did not care the least about her appearance.

What a pity that her dad’s fist did not hit her face. At the last second, it swerved and hit her chest. Even though its strength had decreased by a lot, it still caused some internal injuries.

She had vomited blood at the spot and fainted. When she regained consciousness, she was lying on a bed with her mother sitting next to her. Teardrops tumbled down her cheeks.

“Mother…” she weakly said. She knew that she had made her mother sad. Mu Huanqing purposefully let her father hit her because she knew that if she was injured, then her mother would be so angry that she would not speak to her father. Mother was Father’s weak spot, but she also forgot that Mother was also her weak spot as well.

Her mother was only one of her father’s small concubines. People called her Li Concubine. However, her mother was her father’s most beloved woman.

According to Niu Mama, who served her mother, that year Mother was a girl that Father had taken from the northern prairies.

Li Concubine was originally an ordinary sheepherder who already had a fiancee. At that time, Master Mu and Emperor, who was only a Crown Prince at that time, had gone to the North to watch the progress of the Great Wall. Incidentally one day, Master Mu was on the prairie on his horse when he saw a girl herding some sheep. She was humming a song. The moment he saw her, Master Mu was like a wolf who saw a sheep, his eyes never straying from her.

After asking around, he discovered that the girl was about to be married. However, Master Mu actually decided to steal the girl, bring her back to Mu Manor, and marry her as a concubine.

At that time, Master Mu already had a wife and many concubines which were given to him by people who wanted to curry favor. However, it was weird that he would only show his love towards Li Concubine, and only her.

Mu Huanqing knew that her mother did not love her father. Even after so many years, she was still so indifferent to him. Niu Mama said that when Mother had given birth to her, Father had made the decision to make Mu Huanqing a legitimate daughter of the Mu Family.

By doting on their daughter, her father wanted to show her mother that she was the only one in his heart.

Mu Huanqing was indeed fortunate because Li Concubine was Master Mu’s most beloved concubine. Under Li Concubine’s request, Mu Huanqing began practicing martial arts at the age of five.

Her mother’s meaning was to hopefully give her a different life. She wanted Mu Huanqing to become more powerful, not like those other pampered ladies, who could only spend their lives in a room. Their view of the world was only as big as the back courtyards were.

Entering the back courtyards is like entering a battle field. The Marquis’ back courtyards were the same as other officials’ courtyards: full of concubines and wives fighting for power. Once the daughters were married off, it was only switching a place. The fight still continued.

Li Concubine understood all the different struggles going on in the harem. Thus, when Mu Huanqing was at the marriageable age of thirteen, she tried to send Mu Huanqing off to a northern manor to live, leaving the complicated life of the Capital behind. The reason was so that Mu Huanqing would not live the same boring life as those rich ladies.

Once Mu Huanqing arrived in the north and saw the vast and wide prairies, she finally understood.

The environment could raise a person. Mother came from the great prairies. Seeing that vast land that Mother had grown up in, she realized that Mother loved her so much that she was trying to give her a place for her to soar and rise freely.

Maybe one day, she would be so powerful that she would be able to own a piece of this place, bring Mother back here, and leave the complicated and sinister life of the Capital.


Mu Huanqing… Sigh, to be born into such a noble family. That’s why it’s not always good to be rich and powerful…


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