My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 4


Chapter 4 :

Mu Huanqing broke into laughter. After she entrusted her daughter to Ji mama and had explained the situation to her, she let the mama bath the child and fed her white fungus soup to lower her internal heat. As she spoke, she took the opportunity when her daughter’s attention was fixed elsewhere to take the hairpin back.

Once Ji mama found out that the reason for Young Miss’ nosebleed was due to an overconsumption of lychee sent from the south, she hastily brought Doudou into the house while sighing with heartache.

However, Mu Huanqing ignored her. She turned around and headed for the study. Sitting down in front of the case, she picked up the hairpin to take a closer look. This intricate butterfly workmanship was definitely of first-grade. It was probably lost by someone from a noble family. I’ll dispatch someone to inquire of any nobility that had lost the hairpin.

The moment when she stared at the hairpin and the glow on the gem reflected into her eyes, she could not help but shut her eyes from the dazzling glow. Yet, in that split second, a wave of drowsiness suddenly washed over her.

He Guan’s pretty and slender hand gently caressed her head, his low and hoarse voice drawing her closer.

“Sleep! Let this young master see just who is the man that tied the red thread with you and got you pregnant…

Mu Huanqing’s felt her muscles giving up on her, before she collapsed onto the table and blacked out.

Four years ago –

Between the nobility of the capital, shocking news had recently travelled out – Fu Yanlin, the Zhen Yuan Marquis, was engaged.

Fu Yanlin was the ideal husband to have in the eyes of the capital’s noble ladies. Those young ladies from aristocratic families would get into catfight wanting to marry him, but it was not easy to get him. Not merely a pretty face, Fu Yanlin was a noble as well as a general of the head army and was in charged of an army of a hundred thousand soldiers.

Those that wanted to marry him, they had to have heaven-blessed luck on top of being from an aristocratic family that was evenly matched.

And this luck was snatched by the lucky Mu Family’s first young miss, Mu Huanqing – or to be exact, snatched by her father.

Speaking of her father, Mu Cangying, he was the current Imperial Emperor’s favored minister. Since his days as a crown prince, her father had supported the Emperor to the current emperor position. He had even saved his life several times. This resulted in the Emperor’s trust and favor in him.

The news of the first young miss of the Mu household snatching a good man like Zhen Yuan Marquis was spread out by everyone. Isn’t it because the emperor gave an imperial edict to confer their marriage, that a nineteen year old Mu Huanqing with ordinary looks could take up the position of a Marquis wife?

Anguished wails could be heard all over the capital from young ladies in aristocratic families when the imperial edict was ordered, and an immeasurable number of torn handkerchiefs followed the wails. A tremendous clamour of jealousy and indignance soon rose, which was then followed by people saying that this was like a fresh flower being thrown into cow manure. This said fresh flower was of course referring to the handsome Marquis Fu Yanlin.

To be honest, Mu Huanqing was not bad looking. She was merely considered a leaf on a flower because she was found lacking when compared to the primped-up young misses of the capital.

But since she had not wed despite turning nineteen this year, there were rumours going around that the reason why she was still unwed, was due to her unprepossessing appearance. It was mostly her father’s flattery toward the emperor that got her an engagement.

However, they had no idea that Mu Huanqing had a face as black as thunder on the day she received the imperial edict and was summoned back to the capital.

The father and daughter — Mu Cangying and Mu Huanqing — had such similar tempers, that the sky and earth would be turned upside down the moment the two start fighting with their fists.

To be able to become the personal guard of the crown prince, Mu Cangying’s talents in martial arts was definitely not small. He was the irreplaceable number one expert of the country. Although Mu Huanqing was not weak either, she would definitely lose when pitted up against her father.


Mu Cangying… Sigh… Well, at least he got his daughter a handsome husband. But if the husband’s not a good husband… *summons the Mu Huanqing army*


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