My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 3


Chapter 3 :

“Doudou, where did you get this hairpin?”

Doudou reached out her hands and grabbed the hairpin tightly, “Mine.”

“Who gave it to you?”


“Did you find it somewhere?”


Mu Huanqing shook her head, “This hairpin is not ours, so we need to return it to the owner.”



When Doudou saw her mother take away the hairpin, the rims of her eyes turned red and watery, “Mine… Butterfly… Mine…”

Doudou unexpectedly started to cry, and Mu Huanqing felt very surprised. Normally, Doudou was always well behaved and obedient. Whatever the adults told her, she would listen. This was the first time that she cried over a hairpin.

Going against her will, Mu Huanqing was forced to give the hairpin back to Doudou. Right after Doudou grabbed the hairpin, she stopped crying. Her eyes which were moistened by tears immediately turned happy and smiled.

When Mu Huanqing saw the smile that Doudou showed when she grabbed the hairpin, she also smiled helplessly. She thought in her heart that she would just let her daughter play with the hairpin for now. Children always wanted anything which looked interesting, and they would think of it as a toy. In a few more days, after the hairpin lost its attractiveness to her, she would just toss it aside. Once that time came, she would pick the hairpin up and try to find the owner of the hairpin to return it.

After thinking up a plan, Mu Huanqing didn’t preserve any further. However, how could she know that the real reason Doudou wasn’t letting go of this hairpin was because of an Uncle who flew out of this hairpin? This Uncle was also walking home with them smiling.

He Guan raised his brows and looked at the Doudou who was carried in her mother’s embrace. Her small face leaned on her mother’s shoulder, and her large, curious eyes continued to stare at him. Since she just cried earlier, her eyes were watery, making him like her more the more he looked at her.

He Guan laughed, “Oh no! This little thing has a pair of charming eyes!”. Although this little girl was very young, He Guan could still tell that when this little girl grew up, she would definitely be a beauty.

Doudou was not afraid of him and also not afraid of strangers, and she even listened to him. This saved He Guan a lot of troubles.

He was very satisfied, curled his lips, and winked his peach blossom eyes at the little girl.

When Doudou saw him wink at her, she immediately lowered her head embarrassingly. She sunk her own head into her mother’s embrace.

“Doudou, whats wrong?”

Doudou did not speak, and she only poked out her two eyes to continue staring at the Uncle, who knew how to fly.

Because Mu Huanqing was carrying her daughter, she did not see her expression and only thought that Doudou was just sleepy.

“If you’re sleepy then just go to sleep!” She patted her daughter’s back slowly. Then she let Doudou’s small face rest on her shoulder to sleep. Once children were tired of playing, they would just sleep.

He Guan continued to stare at his target this time. This woman knew qinggong, and by the looks of it, her qinggong was not weak. Her body did not have the smell of a virgin, so this means that she belonged to a man before. However, he did not know why that fate was broken off. This would be the reason why the red string tied on her wrist have signs of tearing.

He Guean smiled demonically. Looks like his mission this time was to tie back the red string which has been torn apart. He just doesn’t know what type of man was originally on the other end of the red string.

Mu Huanqing has not walked to the doors before Ji mama* hurriedly ran over.

“My little ancestor, you finally came back!” Ji mama looked at Little Young Miss and happily thanked the gods. When Little Young Miss ran off, she was so anxious that she almost started to cry.

(T/N : My little ancestor is like, how some cultures say “Thank goodness” or “Oh my Goodness” that sort of thing)


“Doudou, look, you almost made mama cry,” said Mu Huanqing as she lightly squeezed her daughter’s nose.

Doudou looked towards Ji mama and let out a cute smile, “Mama.” She shouted it out softly, and reached out her two small hands asking for a hug.

Once Ji mama saw the smile, her heart melted. She wanted to just take her heart out and give it to this little girl. Then she hurriedly said, “I don’t blame you, I don’t blame you. Mama loves you the most!”


*Mama – a servant, like nanny. Similar to an eunuch.


Isn’t Doudou so cute? I want a little sister like her…


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