My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 2



TL : Mteng

TLC : Rabbit

Editor : Ailin

Chapter 2 :

He Guan stared blankly at the little girl. He didn’t expect for the little girl to have such guts. She wasn’t even scared of him in the slightest. He was too angry earlier so he didn’t notice it. Now that he was bending over and looking at the little girl’s face, he found out that this girl was actually quite cute and made people want to like her. When she smiled, she was very enchanting. Seeing this smile on her face, his fury instantly vanished.


The little girl reached out her hands, and curiously tugged on the edge of his clothes. This movement made He Guan freeze once again. His demonic, peach blossom eyes flickered a bit. This little girl could actually touch him?


In the past, the women who made blood offerings could only at the most see him and hear him. However, this little girl was the first one who could actually touch him. Looked like the more matchmaking he made, the more changes in the blood offerings there were too.




A woman’s voice?


He Guan looked towards the source of the sound. Then he saw a woman descended from the sky. She used qinggong** to get over here.


“Doudou, I finally found you.” Mu Huanqing walked forwards. She hurriedly picked up the three year old, little girl. When she saw that the little girl had a nosebleed, she frightenedly knitted her brows and said, “Hey! Why are you having a nosebleed?”


Doudou was the little girl’s nickname. She looked at her mother and laughed happily. She pointed her hands to He Guan and happily shouted, “Fly, fly! Uncle fly, fly!”


Mu Huanqing could not see He Guan. Her eyes followed in the direction where her daughter was pointing at, yet she could only see the flying birds which were on the surface of the lake. Therefore, she believed that the thing her daughter was referring to were the birds.


He Guan, who was floating in midair, was looking around. Without any restraints, he sized up the little girl’s mother. This woman l seemed to be about twenty something years old. Her appearance was elegant, her presence was heroic, and her body was tall and defined. What surprised him was that on this woman’s wrist on her right hand, there was a red string that mortals couldn’t see. The other end of this red string was broken off.


“Hmm.. This is interesting.”


He Guan’s brows raised up, and he was rubbing his chin. All the anger on his face has disappeared. His pair of peach blossom eyes smiled. He interestedly looked at the red string that was broken off. This string was forcefully tore apart.


Looks like the target this time was not the little girl, but the little girl’s mother. So, this was the reason why he could see the red string on the woman’s wrist.


He Guan interestingly spun around Mu Huanqing. This was a mature woman. This was really great! He wouldn’t have to wait for the little girl to grow up! He only have to play matchmaker for her mother!


Doudou confusedly looked at her mother and then looked at the uncle. It seemed like as if her mother couldn’t see the uncle, so she started to feel puzzled.


“Shh… Little Doudou, only you can see this uncle. Don’t tell anyone else that you can see me.” smiled He Guan demonically when Mu Huanqing carried her daughter back, he also followed the mother daughter pair.


Mu Huanqing wiped away her daughter’s nosebleed as she asked, “Doudou, did you eat all of the lychee fruit?”


Doudou’s pair of blinking eyes were still staring at that uncle, and she wasn’t paying attention to what her mother was saying.


Mu Huanqing shook her head. The lychee fruits were transported over from the south. They were exceptionally rare, and the fruit was soft and juicy. No wonder, Doudou liked them.


“You must’ve eaten all of the lychee fruit when Ji Mama* wasn’t paying attention. It would not be healthy to eat too much of those fruit. You can’t eat anymore of them, ok?:


Doudou laughed happily again and waved both of her hands up and down. At this moment, Mu Huanqing noticed that her daughter was holding something in her right hand.


“Eh? What is that in you hand?” Mu huanqing opened her daughter’s hand and looked carefully. It was a female’s hairpin. On the top hairpin, there was a detailed carving of a butterfly.


Mu Huanqing held up the hairpin astonished. She looked at it closely under the sunlight. The jewel on the butterfly’s wings shined brightly under the sunlight. It was so beautiful that it confused the human eyes.


*Mama – It doesn’t mean mom. In this case, it actually means a servant or a nanny, in a sense similar to an eunuch in the palace who serves the concubines, king, and queen.



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