My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 19



Chapter 19 :

She ignored the discomfort between her legs and yelled for a maid to bring in bath water. After the maid left, Mu Huanqing cleaned herself, then put the bed sheets that were stained with virgin blood into her closet. The servants came in to take away the water and she extinguished the light and laid down on the bed once more.


Afterwards, there would be no difference in her life. She would live her life the same way as before. After a night of rest, she would be able to recover from the experience.


The next day, everyone in the residence had heard about this event and all thought that the Marquis had started to become fond of the Madam. After all, she was the main wife. Mu Huanqing also thought the same way, but was once again proven wrong.


Fu Yanlin continued to ignore her and spent his nights in Concubine Lin’s room.


Mu Huanqing made discreet inquiries. Only then did she learn that Fu Yanlin did not do it out of desire but out of duty. Moreover, he had gotten drunk first before going to her room.


Mu Huanqing was angry. Her fists clenched but did not made a scene. Only after the servants and maids had left did she let her anger show.


That night, when everyone was asleep, she used her qinggong to escape the the roof of the library.


She was angry, yet she had to restrain herself because she was very clear that her every move was watched by someone. If she showed her anger and other people caught it, it would start rumors. Moreover, she had found out about Fu Yanlin’s motives secretly, so she could not let anyone else know. Thus, she could only endure until everyone else was asleep.


“B*stard males!” She cursed the Zhenyuan Marquis, Master Mu, and the Emperor. If she knew earlier, she would have found some guy to marry in the North so she wouldn’t have to suffer these annoyances.


She also cursed herself for letting him on the bed. If she was more cautious and more careful, she would have been able to figure out Fu Yanlin’s motives.


What type of situation was she even in? If the marriage was by an imperial edict, so be it. But an imperial order to consummate the marriage? Currently, Mu Huanqing hated two people : the matchmaking Emperor and the Zhenyuan Marquis Fu Yanlin.


These situations had finally caused her to feel bitterness, which gnawed at her heart.


Mu Huanqing coldly laughed. This was life of women in the back courtyards? Living their lives filled with anger, humiliation, and hatred towards the people who mistreated them? She wanted to take revenge, but moreover, she wanted strive for a place of her own in this residence.


Mu Huanqing closed her eyes. She could still stay calm, but she knew that she had to let her anger out in order to feel better.


The roof of the library was the residence’s highest point and also the point closest to the sky. Only by sitting her would she not forget the vastness of the world and would not be chained by the narrowness of people’s hearts and hatred.


She opened her eyes and stared at the cloud-covered moon. Suddenly, she smiled.


Hatred was more terrifying than time; it could not only take away a girl’s innocence, but it would also erode a girl’s appearance into something monstrous.


She decided that starting from tomorrow, she would control the anger in her body and release it through venting.


She raised the wine jar to her lips only to find out it was empty. She could not help but silently curse. If only she had brought more.


“Who’s there? State your name!” A voice suddenly sounded behind her, disturbing her peace.


Mu Huanqing turned around and saw a bodyguard standing behind her, his sword pointed at her. She coldly looked at him before turning around, ignoring him.


The bodyguard, Zhuang Kang, was surprised that this thief, even after being discovered, continued sitting there instead of escaping. He immediately went forward, his sword landing on the person’s shoulder and blade pressing into her throat.


“Stand up!” Zhuang Kang ordered.


Mu Huanqing suddenly lowered her head and snuck out from underneath the blade. Her arm turned and quick as lightning, she took advantage of while Zhuang Kang was surprised to take away his sword. Simultaneously, she punched him in the face.


“F*ck!” Zhuang Kang held his nose, feeling the blood ooze out.


Mu Huanqing is showing off her skills……



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