My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 18



Chapter 18 :

His breath softly caressed her face as his hand unrestrainedly rubbed her right breast, making her shiver. She immediately realized his meaning.


He wanted to consummate the wedding tonight?


Everything happened so suddenly that she had no mental preparation. This was the first time her mind was in a mess since marrying into the Marquis residence. After all, this was her first time so she could obviously not stay calm. However, soon, the smell of alcohol on Fu Yanlin’s body helped her come out of her dazed state.


“Fu Yanlin, did you come to the wrong room? Do you know who I am?” Her two arms pushed at him as she continued to struggle, hoping that he had really walked to the wrong room in his drunken state.


This girl finally knew how to be nervous. He had obviously had a spy watching her every move since she entered the residence. Even though he neglected her, the spy reported that she was still unperturbed. Even while meeting him, she was not scared until now.


He let out a cold laugh. The raging anger that he had contained within him was converted into pleasure at seeing her panic.


“Wife, are you blaming Husband for always staying in a concubine’s room? You actually go so far as to ask if Husband went to the wrong room? Seems like someone is jealous.”


The hell? Of course she wasn’t jealous! She was genuinely hoping that he had walked to the wrong room. However, that was not the case. She had thought that this man would continue to cold-shoulder her for maybe a few years. Who knew that only after this little time, he had changed his mind?


Yes or no? She hesitated, yet there was no more time for her to refute because Fu Yanlin’s movements were very quick. All of a sudden, all of her clothes were off. The feeling of Fu Yanlin’s skin on hers made her burn up.


Alright then, might as well do it then! After all, the two were married and were basically tied to each other for their entire lives. Since he was willing, there was no reason for her to object. Moreover, as his wife and the madam of the Marquis residence, it was her duty.


After thinking things through clearly, she closed her eyes and let her body relax.


Fu Yanlin’s heart was cold. He was only doing this so he could report back to the Emperor that he had fulfilled his duty, so there were no kisses, no foreplay, and no tender touches.


Thankfully, Mu Huanqing practiced martial arts, so her body was stronger than the average noble lady. Even though her body could endure Fu Yanlin’s harshness, it was exceedingly uncomfortable for her and she could only barely resist kicking Fu Yanlin off the bed.


It only took about a quarter of an hour before he was done with his duty. He did not stay for the night and, without a word or even a look, put on his clothes and left.


Mu Huanqing laid on the bed and calmed herself down. She stared at the top of the canopy, her heart desolate.


You know it’s a sad marriage when the wife has to ask the husband if he went to the right room…


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