My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 17



Chapter 17 :

Today, after court ended, the Emperor called Fu Yanlin into his study. After an hour, Fu Yanlin left the study, his face dark and unhappy.


After leaving the palace, he spurred his horse to go faster and headed to the army barracks for training.


Rather than training, he was actually bringing them into the mountains and drilling them until everyone was a pitiful mess. The General’s trusted aid, second in command,and his troops all whined about the torture and wondered who had made the General so mad. Whenever the General was in a bad mood, they would be the ones who suffered.


Fu Yanlin trained with his troops. Those that could not keep up with him were kicked into the river; those that could keep up were rewarded with extra portions of food during meals. The punishments and rewards made everyone work harder.


Only when the sun set did Fu Yanlin allow the troops to return to the barracks while he went back to his residence.


He threw the reins at the manservant in the stables and went into the bathing room. He took off his clothing and submerged himself into the icy cold water to take a hasty bath. After eating dinner, he ordered a servant to bring him a barrel of strong alcohol. He downed cup after cup of the alcohol down his throat, his face so gloomy that the maids and servants did not speak out of fear.


It was impossible for him to not be angry. Earlier today, just as he arrived at court, his spy told him that before he arrived, Master Mu had gone to see the Emperor. Soon after, the Emperor ordered him to go to the Imperial Study.


Even though the Emperor did not seem angry, he still coldly warned Fu Yanlin that if he thought he did not have enough days off, the Emperor would be willing to give him more days off so that he could cultivate good feelings with his new wife. Otherwise, the General position would be given to someone else.


At that moment, he realized that it was not enough for that old fox Mu Cangying to shove his daughter at him; he even had to manage his residence’s business. Mu Cangying was using the Emperor to warn him that even if he favored the concubines, the Marquis residence only had one main wife and that was the Mu family’s daughter.


No matter how many concubines he had, he would always have to consummate his marriage with that Mu daughter.


Fu Yanlin coldly laughed. It was only consummating the marriage. Nothing more.


He gulped down the last of the wine, threw away the barrel, and strode quickly to Mu Huanqing’s courtyard.


At this time, Mu Huanqing was already in bed, almost asleep. However, when her door was kicked open, she immediately sat up in alarm.


“Who?” She quietly circulated her inner force, getting ready to attack.


“Other than this Marquis, who else would come into your room?” The cold voice traveled through the darkness, making her pause.


The Marquis? Her heart jumped. What was he doing here, in the middle of the night?


Fu Yanlin had groped his way through the dark to her courtyard and told all the servants to leave, so nobody came to notify her.


He closed the door and stalked towards her while simultaneously taking off his clothes. His unyielding aura filled the room as he got onto the bed and pinned her down.


“What are you doing?” Mu Huanqing reflexively used her hands to push him away, only for her hands to meet a naked chest.


“This Marquis came to your room in the middle of the night. What do you think this Marquis wants to do?”


What do you think the Marquis is going to do to her? 😛


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