My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 16



Chapter 16 :

After Zhenyuan Marquis accepted Concubine Lin, he spent the majority of the past two months in her rooms and never came to Mu Huanqing’s courtyard.


After some time of this happening, a bunch of gossiping people started to complain to Mu Huanqing about how Concubine Lin was monopolizing all of the Marquis’ attention. Even the Marquis’ sister was helping Concubine Lin.


The people who said these things to her were the Third Uncle’s unmarried daughter Fu Rui as well as the daughter-in-law. These two people found excuses to get close to her and pretend to be her close friends. Other than trying to discreetly find out the secret between Mu Huanqing and her husband, their words would always betray some bitterness.


Mu Huanqing knew all about the fights between the Old Marquis’ concubines as well as the Third Wife and Fourth Wife. Their words sounded like they were standing on her side, but in reality, they were just using her power to push down the others.


But this was between her and the Marquis. What did it have to do with other people?


Mu Huanqing smiled. “My body is not that great. I’m very happy that there is Concubine Lin to help Marquis.”


“Sister-in-law cannot say it like this. After all, sister-in-law is the Madam of the Marquis residence. Concubine Lin doesn’t matter at all. She’s like a piece of green onion.”


“She’s not a green onion. She’s a tree peony. She’s very beautiful!”


After hearing this, Fu Rui choked. However, she did not give up and continued to press. “But the Marquis should not treat you this coldly!”


Mu Huanqing answered with a confused expression. “What? He did not treat me coldly!”


“But… he did not enter your rooms….”


“I also don’t go into his rooms.”


“I’m saying that…. You guys haven’t…”


“Haven’t what?” Mu Huanqing opened her eyes in puzzlement.


“Uh… you really don’t mind?”


“Mind what?”


Fu Rui was speechless.


Some things everyone knew could not be revealed. For instance, she could not reveal that she and the Marquis had been married for a month yet had never consummated the marriage. Moreover, she could not reveal that the Marquis never entered her rooms. However, Mu Huanqing deliberately pretended she didn’t understand. She was content with where she was.


As long as she did not follow along with other people when they asked her questions, other people also had no way of making up lies.


Thus, the gossip about Mu Huanqing changed. Some people said that she was scared of meddling and had very little courage. Others said that by pretending she did not care, she was trying to get the Marquis to favor her. Since she was so understanding and tactful, the Marquis will definitely someday take notice of that.


After hearing these rumors, Mu Huanqing dismissed them with a laugh. She tried to avoid getting into the dirty battles of the back courtyard, but some situations and some people, she could not avoid.


I feel like pretending to be stupid is harder than pretending to be smart, so I’m actually really impressed with how Mu Huanqing can keep her act together for so long… What do you guys think? Do you guys think it’s easier to pretend to be stupid or harder?


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