My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 15



Chapter 15 :

She said everything clearly and truthfully. At the same time, she also volunteered to, if need to, go around and find other young noble misses to enter the household as concubines.

She said it so excitedly that the mother-daughter pair were rendered speechless. After she left, Old Madam turned to look at her daughter.

“Do you think that what she just said was true?”

Fu Rong’s lips curled and she snorted. “Of course it’s fake. I don’t believe that she’s so generous as to let Older Brother have so many concubines.”

The Old Madam nodded her head in agreement. “This Mu Family’s daughter really isn’t simple. She’s still a newlywed, yet when the husband received a concubine, she’s still so composed, without anything amiss. She even says she’s willing for her husband to accept more concubines, and the girls she named are indeed beneficial to our family if we accept them. Her analysis of who to accept as concubines is very deep. I was very moved.”

Fu Rong’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Mother, you aren’t really going to have Older Brother accept that many concubines, right?”

Old Madam rolled her eyes at her daughter. “You’re so stupid! Your older brother just got married less than ten days ago, yet he already accepted Ruoyou in. We still have to be worried about that old Mu fox going to the Emperor to complain about your brother. How could we possibly bring in more concubines? Even more, your older brother isn’t willing!”

As soon as the “Mu” name was mentioned, Fu Rong coldly snorted. “If it weren’t for the Mu Family’s plan of using an imperial edict to force Older Brother to marry that woman, then Older Sister Ruoyou wouldn’t be a mere concubine.” Fu Rong stood on Older Sister Lin Ruoyou’s side and felt wronged for her. Just by appearance, that woman was much more lacking than Ruoyou.

Once she thought of Older Sister Ruoyou grievance, her heart hurt. Naturally, she placed the blame on Mu Huanqing’s head.

Old Madam shook her head. “She’s already married. Moreover, we cannot disobey the Emperor’s imperial orders, so we can only treat Ruoyou like this. Even though she is a concubine, but there is still me. I won’t let her be mistreated. Anyways, this name is only for outsiders to see. Inside the residence, she’ll live just like the main mistress. Your older brother and I will protect her.”

Fu Rong smiled. “I also consoled Older Sister like this. It doesn’t matter that she’s only a concubine. Older Brother’s love is what matters. As long as she has a son, then the future role of heir will land in her son’s hands. That Mu girl shouldn’t even dream of getting that role.”

Old Madam and her daughter laughed inside the room, unaware of the shadow that departed from outside their window.

Mu Huanqing listened to these words carefully and nodded her head. Sure enough, all houses had the same rear courts; all the women fought each other, everyone was suspicious of each other. In the end, they all fought over the same thing : a man’s favor.

She utilized her qinggong to quietly leave and soundlessly landed on the ground as the maids were waiting. Pretending like she had just returned from the bathroom, she calmly continued to her courtyard as if nothing happened.


One day, I hope the Old Madam feels regretful that she ever thought Lin Ruoyou was a good person…


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