My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 13



Chapter 13 :

Just as she was wondering, she spotted an elegant and slender figure in the distance. She recognized this girl; the servants said that she was the Marquis’ distantly related young cousin Lin Ruoyou.


She suddenly realized that these two people were having a lovers’ meeting.


From her point of view, she could only see Fu Yanlin’s back and therefore, could not see his expression. However, she could clearly see that from Lin Ruoyou’s tender and beautiful eyes, a tear leaked out and slipped down her lovely face. Fu Yanlin lifted a finger and wiped it away.


The two people stood there, as though they had just stepped out of a painting. They like the perfect couple, and with Lin Ruoyou’s eyes filled with undisguised affection, Mu Huanqing thought of yesterday when the first daughter Fu Rong had come to find her. She had said how her brother already had a sweetheart. This sweetheart must be Lin Ruoyou.


Seeing her own husband and another girl having a lovers’ rendezvous, Mu Huanqing felt an indescribable feeling. People in the north were very bold and passionate. If they liked someone, they would announce it out loud. These types of trysts were seen all the time, especially during the spring when there would be many couples outside secretly meeting.


After all, she was already nineteen years old and had not been married. She had a lot of knowledge about this love subject. Also, Fu Yanlin was like a stranger to her. Thus, even though it was her husband with Lin Ruoyou, she was not particularly affected.


“Who!” Fu Yanlin suddenly angrily roared. His eyes looked straight towards the direction she was standing in.


What? She’d been discovered?


Mu Huanqing was very surprised. She had clearly restrained her aura, yet was still discovered. This person’s sixth sense was very good.


“Come out!” He coldly ordered.


Mu Huanqing thought about it. She wasn’t scared. Since she was discovered, she decided to reveal herself.


Fu Yanlin saw her and first paused in shock before his face darkened. Lin Ruoyou hid behind her cousin’s back in fright, as if she was meeting a man-eating tiger.


Fu Yanlin’s eagle eyes suddenly became ice cold. “Are you eavesdropping?”


“No, I came to look at the horses.” she said calmly, without the awkwardness of being caught.


Of course, Fu Yanlin did not believe this. “If you came to see the horses, why hide yourself?”


“You’re hiding from me. Seeing you come, I could only hide myself.”


He stopped, not anticipating that she would be this blunt.


Mu Huanqing did not wait for him to open his mouth before continuing, “You two, please continue talking. I am sorry to disturb.” After speaking, she quickly turned and walked away, as if she was only an outsider.


She would be stupid if she asked why he would privately meet other women behind her back. She had sworn long ago to never be like those girls in the back courtyards who strove for favor and were constantly sabotaging each other because she did not want to be a woman who held grudges.


From other people’s point of view, this marriage was bestowed by the Emperor himself and seemed extremely honorable and glorious. However, if it only looked honorable on the outside, then what’s the meaning when there is nothing on the inside?


Fu Yanlin’s heart did not have room for her, so he wanted to treat her coldly and leave her alone. She might have to live an entire life like a widow. She had thought about all of this, and understood what her future would probably look like.


Mu Huanqing did not want to live the typical life of those back courtyard girls, filled with strife and jealousy. She did not want to compete for her husband’s favor, or give birth to sons to stabilize her position in the residence.


She had her own plan; she would try to find a different path of life. Of course, the less contact she made with Fu Yanlin the better. If he did not come disturb her, then she would not go to disturb him.


Ugh…… I wish Lin Ruoyou won’t be another one of those white lotuses, but chances are she’s going to be exactly that.


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