My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 10



Chapter 10 :

 She looked back on her father’s fox-like cunning smiling face versus the ice cold face of her forced husband. If the son-in-law did not care about her father’s reputation and dignity, would her father still smile then?


“Hahaha…” This was truly terrible. When did she begin to take joy in other people’s misfortune?


She thought that there was no one around who was paying attention to her stifling laughter, but little did she know that Fu Yanlin, who had abnormal hearing abilities, heard it. He originally did not looked at her at all, but finally made an exception to turn around and saw her expression of restrained laughter.


“A fighting dog meeting a clever fox. Who will win?” she murmured quietly as she passed him.


Fu Yanlin’s forehead furrowed together. Seeing her get onto the carriage, he also jumped onto his horse. Leading the carriage and a troop of soldiers, he grandly led the way to the Mu Manor.


Mu Huanqing, who was sitting in the carriage, quietly lifted up the carriage’s curtain to take a peek at her newly wedded husband. It was undeniable that Fu Yanlin today, who dressed in his military garb and riding on a horse, was indeed very awe-inspiring and handsome man. He did not lose out at all to any of the sturdy and brave men of the north. Just his back alone could create the sense of an imposing military leader. Also, rumors had it that this man was the martial arts top scorer of his year.


Her dad Mu Cangying was once the Crown Prince’s bodyguard and was also a martial artist expert. Now that he was an assistant minister in the Ministry of War, he had been influenced by the cultured and refined auras of the scholars. However, his fighting soul had never disappeared. Only her, the daughter, who had personally fought against her father, knew of this matter.


However, if these two people fought against each other, who would win? As she thought about how fiery the fight would be, her blood began to boil.


If the two of them fought, it would be great. No matter who lost, she would still be happy. Because her imagination was making her joyful, her lips couldn’t help but curve upwards.


Once the party departed the Marquis Residence, the Mu Manor had received news of their visit. Thus,  the manor’s big entrance doors were currently wide open, and Master Mu stood by the door with his wives and servants, a smile on his face as he waited to welcome his daughter and his new son-in-law.


From far away, Fu Yanlin could see the smile on Mu Cangying’s face. That smile was very offending to him, making him narrow his eyes slightly as a flash of anger passed through them.


Humph! This old fox… He suddenly stopped. Fighting dog against a fox?


He immediately turned around to look at the girl in the carriage. She dared to call him a fighting dog?


Mu Huanqing didn’t know that Fu Yanlin was staring at her. When the carriage’s door opened, the servant had already placed a step stool down for her. She lifted her dress, preparing to get off, when suddenly, Zhenyuan Marquis came forward and extended his hand to her.


Normally, there would be maids to help her. Mu Huanqing stopped, glancing at the big hand in front of her. Her heart was in a flurry. Fu Yanlin helping her off the carriage was not only protecting the Mu Manor’s reputation, but also the Marquis Residence’s dignity.


She cooperatively stretched out her hand, placing her hand into his palm.


The big hand grasped hers tightly and helped her off the carriage. She originally wanted to withdraw her hand, but she discovered that not only did he not release her hand, he had actually gripped them tighter. A pinching pain could be felt in her hand.


She accidentally lifted her eyes to meet Fu Yanlin’s angry ones. She had not yet figured out what was going on when he already released her hand and turned around towards Master Mu. Her face was an expression of confusion as she gently massaged her hand. In her heart, she silently scolded him. Was the guy sick?


Meeting the father-in-law and mother-in-law, Fu Yanlin had switched to a gentle and moderate face. He and Mu Huanqing paid their respects to the two elders. Naturally, Mu Huanqing’s face also had a slight smile.


A party of people was welcomed into the manor. Fu Yanlin followed Master Mu to chat about stuff that men talk about. Mu Huanqing followed the women to the back courtyard. Her mother dismissed the others, pulling her daughter into the room to talk.


Fu Yanlin, don’t hurt our poor Mu Huanqing! *defends angrily*


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