My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 1



Translated by : Rabbit

Edited by : Aleam, Adversity

Chapter 1 :

A drop of fresh blood landed onto the butterfly’s wings. This butterfly was only an ornament on a hairpin but with the wings inlaid with pearls, it looked as if they were alive.The drop of blood was sucked into the hairpin, leaving the precious gems on the hairpin untouched.

Oh? It’s the blood of a virgin? No wonder why it’s very sweet-smelling… Wait, this virgin’s blood smells better than any virgin blood he’d tasted before. In these hundred years, it was the purest and most fragrant virgin’s blood he had ever come across.

Within the darkness of the hairpin, the demon laid dormant, waiting for the next person who was fated to wake him up.

This time, what type of girl would it be? What kind of marriage would he need to tamper with? He was looking forward to it…

No. Rather, what he was actually looking forward to was finally being let out again. He looked forward to smelling the desire and greed in this world and seeing the stupid and ignorant humans experience life’s ups and downs through love and hate.

He was He Guan, a demon who had been imprisoned in the hairpin due to an immortal. Finally, he had once again appeared in this world.

By the lake, a male figure gradually took shape from the clusters of reeds which reached as far as the eyes could see. His long hair drifted in the wind and his frame was tall and slender. His demonically alluring face, which could overthrow countries with it’s beauty, once again faced the Jianghu.

He Guan slowly opened his demonically charming eyes. The wind from the lake blew his fine black hair all around. The place he was currently standing in was a patch of reeds that danced with the wind.

His seductive peach blossom eyes were smiling as they looked all around him, scanning for the fated person who had awoken him from the hairpin. However, he didn’t see any girl around.

Where is she? Where’s the girl who had awakened him?

He Guan doubtfully looked all around him. Finally, he slowly lowered his head. In the middle of the swaying reeds, he discovered a very little person.

Truthfully, that little girl looked to be only around three years old. Right now, her shiny and bright eyes were staring up at him. Blood dripped from her nose and in her hand was that exact butterfly hairpin.

He Guan’s mesmerizing smile stiffened for a moment as he rigidly stared at the little girl who was sitting in the middle of the reeds. He could never have imagined that he would be awakened by the nosebleed of a little girl!

His face became black and the corner of his eye twitched. The confinement spell had proclaimed that the target that he made a blood oath with must fulfill two conditions : the first one was that the person must be a woman. The second was the woman’s blood as an offering.

There must be some mistake! Even though the conditions stated were a little strict, could this little girl whose hair hadn’t even completely grown yet still be considered a woman? A nosebleed still counts as a blood offering? Why not just count in a woman’s monthly cycle as blood too?

There was no way that a young girl at the tender age of three years old could understand love. How could he help her with matchmaking? Could it be that he would have to wait until she grew up, got a chest and a waist, and could do the deed with a man and then help her find her fated partner?

He Guan exploded with anger. His beautiful and handsome face became demonic and evil-looking. His fine hair wiggled in the air like a hundred thousand snakes and his ten fingers and nails grew until they resembled talons. In a split second, his entire appearance became as terrifying and malevolent as some creature from the Demon World.

In these past centuries, he was originally a broken soul. His magic was weak. Only after playing matchmaker to numerous girls did the pieces of his soul slowly start to join together and his magic power accumulated until he could finally get his human appearance back.

This was the spell the immortal had sealed him with. In order to break the spell, he would have to continuously repair and reconnect the red strings of marriage(fate) that should have been connected. He had to show the girls the way back to their fated lover. Only until he had made up for his sin could he get his freedom back.

Even if he was a demon, he was still a demon who liked his own personal space. Now he had to deal with a three year old little girl and play matchmaker for her? Fate can’t mess with him like this!

He stood there simmering in his anger. His fiery fury caused his entire body to converge into a small tornado. The little girl sat on the ground like before, staring at him with her big eyes. It seemed as if she had found a new toy to play with and laughed happily.



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