Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 4.2



Chapter 4.2 :

Su Residence’s situation was a little complicated.


Su Linfeng was Su Ying’s father. His original wife was Liu Shi, a member of a branch family of the Liu Clan in Ru’nan. However, she had already passed away. As for Liu Shi, her life was rather sad.


She had given birth to a son and a daughter. The son was Su Rong and the Su Residence’s Eldest Young Master. However, when he was ten years old, he drowned. The daughter was Su Ying, the residence’s Second Young Miss. However, her soul had now been switched with a different one.


As for Eldest Young Miss Su Xiu, she was not Liu Shi’s child nor the current Su Furen’s child. Her birth mother was actually Li Concubine. As for Su Xiu’s personality, Su Ying had no words.


As they walked towards Hibiscus Courtyard, they didn’t find anything different. The courtyard was still quiet and calm. Everyone was bustling about with their own tasks and everything seemed perfectly orderly and tidy.


With Lu Hen’s help, Su Ying sat in front of her dressing table, looking at the girl in the mirror with some helplessness.


She had seen this face for ten years, but she was still somewhat unused to it. In her former life, she could still be considered pretty, with beautiful facial features and a valiant air about her. It was suitable for her career.


However, now, her palm-sized face was actually even more delicate and exquisite, as if carved out of the world’s finest jade. A pair of watery eyes glittered on her face, moving people to tears. Her tall and cute nose, soft and glossy lips, and her tender and white skin rounded out her beauty.


Her body structure was also very slender and delicate. Her entire person seemed weak and fragile, like a porcelain doll that needed protection. Clearly, she was somewhat angry. However, she still made people have a sense of wanting to protect and pity her.


Once, she had actually purposefully cried. In the mirror, she looked so pitiful that even she took pity on herself in her heart. Even though Su Ying felt slightly uncomfortable looking at this face sometimes, it was still very useful in her endeavors.


Hibiscus Courtyard was slightly off to the side. Originally, it was an overgrown mess of weeds and discarded trash. However, after Su Ying lived here for a few years and took care of the courtyard, the place slowly began to turn into an elegant and stylish courtyard.


Su Ying lived in the main four rooms of the courtyard. The side rooms were for her four personal maids. The rough-work maids lived in the rear buildings.


Lu Hen opened the curtain to the dressing room, carrying a bowl of swallow’s nest and lotus seed soup. She placed the bowl on the table and helped Su Ying comb her black hair as she said, “Third Young Miss’s servant just came, saying that Young Miss should go to Furen’s Autumn Fasting later.”


Su Ying’s eyes flashed and a smile that was not really a smile appeared on her face. “What do you think Su Luan’s going to do this time?”


“Could it be that… Third Young Miss wants to show off again?” Lu Hen guessed with a frown.


“You’re not that dumb after all.” Su Ying watched in the mirror as Lu Hen placed a jade butterfly hairpin in her hair. She nodded her head before saying, “Change it. It’s not suitable.”


Looking into the mirror at her beautiful Young Miss and the hairpin, Lu Hen was reluctant to take it out. At the end, Su Ying had to personally remove it. She lightly laughed, “Aren’t we going to listen to Su Luan flaunt herself? If we wear so many fancy things, wouldn’t we be taking the wind out of her sails?”


“Young Miss is always so low-key. When will Young Miss stop living this type of subdued life?” Lu Hen’s tone was slightly helpless. Clearly, Young Miss was very wealthy and had very valuable jewelry in her possession. However, Young Miss always wore plain and simple things.


“Hiding one’s intelligence makes one awkward. However, hiding one’s wealth does not make one less extravagant. It’s better to be low-key.” It wasn’t that Su Ying had never thought about living a luxurious life. It was also easy to deal with Su Furen’s animosity. However, in these years, she could secretly perceive that there was something else going on.


She was the daughter of the first wife and so naturally, she and the current Su Furen would have some conflicts in between. However, Su Ying discovered that behind Su Furen’s attacks, there were traces of other people’s influences. This made her very worried about her life.


Only if she hide her true self and pretended to be a weak and stupid girl would she have the highest probability of keeping her life.


I’ve read so many novels where Third Miss or Master is always the evil person. Is it just me or is three a really unlucky number in Chinese novels?


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