Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 4.1



Chapter 4.1 :

Hearing the loud crash coming from within the carriage, Lu Hen immediately lifted  the curtain. She was just in time to see the man fall to the ground. “Young Miss…”


“Relax, the man hasn’t died yet.” Su Ying patted off the nonexistent dust on her hands.


Her family’s Young Miss really wasn’t an average person… Lu Hen bit her lower lip, secretly admiring her family’s Young Miss in her heart.


“Then… how do we deal with this man?” Lu Hen was a little hesitant. It was out of the question to bring him back to the residence. However, if they tossed him by the road, then he might be discovered by the soldiers again. After all, if one was to save a person, one must save that person completely, right?


“How to deal with him? This… Mountain bandits will naturally have a solution to this.” Su Ying rubbed her jaw and a flash of insight appeared in her eyes. The corners of her lips curled up in a mischievous way.


He dared to be flirtatious with her, he must be prepared for Hell! Don’t think that she, Su Ying, would be easy to provoke!


Lu Hen was with Su Ying all the way as they tried to figure out an arrangement for the man. Later, whenever she remembered this event, three black lines would always appear on her forehead. She was speechless when she saw the creative ideas her Young Miss came up with.


After sending the man off, a King Green Jade belt buckle appeared in her hand. This was something she had taken off the man. It could technically be counted as the fee for saving him.


Su Ying tossed the jade ornament around, her eyes filled with life and happiness. She seemed very joyful.


She had yet to realize that it was precisely because of this jade ornament that allowed the man to find her and take advantage of her once more. If she knew about the later consequences, the jade button might already be burning in a bonfire.


Because it took some time to get that mysterious man to safety, when Su Ying returned to the residence, it was already nightfall and lanterns were already lit.


After the horse carriage arrived at the side door, Su Ying waved to let Uncle Zhong leave first before strutting into the residence’s gardens with Lu Hen.


“Aiya, Second Young Miss! You’re finally back. This servant was very worried.” Li Mama, who had been standing by the door, saw Su Ying and walked towards her with a face of smiles. Her words were both complaining and scolding at the same time.


Li Mama was originally a businesswoman who became rich through illegal methods. After the Wang Clan’s Gui Mama found out about this scandal, Li Mama was punished by getting beaten by a wooden plank before being sent here to guard the no-profit flower garden.


As the “Sing Lady” store’s owner, what did Su Ying not lack the most? Obviously money. Whatever problem money could solve was not a big problem for her. Therefore, using money as a bribe, Li Mama quickly became Su Ying’s spy.


Li Mama had been in the Su Residence for many years, so she knew all the ins and outs about everything in the residence. She was somewhat of a help to Su Ying.


“What’s wrong? Furen found out?” Su Ying stopped, frowning slightly.


To these servants, gifts and power went hand in hand. Su Ying would give them lots of money, but have a more arrogant attitude with them. That way, they would always remember who was their mistress.


“Furen hasn’t found out yet. However, this afternoon, Eldest Young Miss came to your Hibiscus Courtyard…” Seeing Su Ying’s complexion and that she was still staying silent, Li Mama added on, “Eldest Young Miss might have discovered that you weren’t here. Just now, she came again and made a scene.”


Su Ying nodded her head slightly and took Lu Hen with her as they walked towards Hibiscus Courtyard.


It’s like a Cinderella story, except instead of shoes, it’s a belt.


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