Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 3.2



Chapter 3.2 :

The peony flower mask was completely made out of gold. It was enchanting yet carried a trace of demonic charm. The mask only revealed her watery eyes and her pointy chin.


Su Ying crouched down in the carriage, looking down at the man lying on the ground.


His facial features were clearcut and were beautiful, almost  as if they were chiseled out of marble. His nose bridge was high and his lips were red and alluring. His chin was a perfect point. It was as if all of the best features on both Heaven and Earth converged into one person.


Sure enough, he really was a peerlessly handsome man. Su Ying praised quietly in her heart.


His sword-like brows were perfect and his black pupils were like the color of the sea at night; tranquil and profound, yet seemingly with traces of coldness and killing intent. Currently they were glaring at her, fire burning bright inside them.


“This is the type of attitude you have towards someone who saved your life?” Su Ying hoisted him up, coldly sizing him up.


“Saved… me?” The man’s entire body was covered in coldness, his gaze as sharp as an eagle’s. She felt like he would eat her up. He was very good at holding grudges and remembered that this girl had hit his neck and made him fall unconscious.


“Of course. You don’t have to admit it, but then I will immediately throw you off the carriage.” Su Ying indifferently said while arrogantly looking him over. She was a girl, a girl very good at holding grudges.


Suddenly, the man’s lips curled into a demonic smile. That originally peerless face seemed to blossom like a golden lotus, becoming even more beautiful. For a moment, Su Ying was dazed and staring at him.


At this moment, a pair of powerful hands grabbed onto Su Ying. His demonically alluring eyes held a trace of flirtatious charm. His long and slender fingers held onto Su Ying’s mask. He really wanted to see how the girl, who treated him as if he was nothing, looked like. Would the girl under the mask still be as domineering?


Of course, Su Ying’s reaction skills were very fast. She was like a small but nimble wild cat, avoiding him with a turn of her head.


Seeing her avoid his hand, a flash of astonishment appeared in his eyes. After remembering that the girl had the ability to knock him unconscious, his enchanting red lips smiled even more. He grabbed Su Ying and dragged her back into his embrace, trying to strip her of her mask again.


Su Ying purposefully wore a mask because she did not want him seeing her true appearance. She knew that the person in front of her was very dangerous and she did not want to get herself into more trouble.


Su Ying, who had fallen into his arms, suddenly smiled, her cherry blossom-red lips making her even more beautiful. Her looks were so charming they could cause the downfall of a country.


Momentarily, the mysterious man stared at her blankly and his actions slowed a beat.


It was in that moment…


“Bang!” Su Ying’s hand was like a blade, soundlessly making its way to his back. She fiercely hit the artery in his neck!


Even though the man’s martial arts were very high, he had still suffered an injury and was caught off guard. Su Ying’s moves were also extremely sinister. All these reasons together explained why he suffered another strike from Su Ying. He became dizzy and his  eyes seemed as though he had sniffed mosquito repellant. Finally, he fell down, unconscious…


He never thought that Su Ying, this delicate little noble miss, could be so fierce and actually fight so  brutally!


“Let’s see if you’re still willing to take advantage of this lady again!” Su Ying pinched that stunningly handsome face, something that looked like a smile but wasn’t a smile crossing her face.



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