Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 3.1



Chapter 3.1 :

Lu Hen and Su Ying had a mutual understanding with each other. Seeing that Su Ying hadn’t made a sound, she coldly snorted, “Who are you? You dare to show yourself off  in front of our Young Miss? Do you not want to wear your armor anymore?! Our Young Miss will make you go home tomorrow in defeat!”


One was soft and delicate, while the other rude and brazen. Uncle Zhong and Lu Hen complemented each other perfectly.


“Little brat, why haven’t you shut up yet? Is Young Miss’s identity something we can tell everyone?” Uncle Zhong pretended to be angry and berated Lu Hen.


A flash of suspicion appeared in the officer’s eyes. Who were the highest in the capital city? Those were the officials. Who knew if one had offended an official that was related to the Imperial family? Therefore, after meeting people like this, most people would retreat a few steps.


Currently, the atmosphere inside the carriage was also full of tension.


Su Ying, who had been kissed strongly, finally returned to her sense and tried to struggle free. However, the other side held the back of her head firmly, trapping her firmly in his embrace.


The anger in Su Ying’s heart was ignited. She directly struck the man’s nape with her hand. Her actions both precise and  blunt, clearly revealing her skills from her former life’s occupation.


After the man fell down, she opened the carriage’s mechanism, letting him fall into a space that was lined with a thick rug. Then, the opening mechanism soundlessly clicked shut once again. Everything  returning to its normal state without any signs of  abnormalities.


After solving the problem, Su Ying made herself out to be weak and frail as she got off the carriage with the help of Lu Hen. Turning to the officer after standing up, she paid her respects.


The current her was no longer the agile and nimble secret service agent of her former life, nor the calm and composed owner of the “Singing Lady” but rather the weak, elegant, timid daughter of a noble family.


“Helping to capture assassins is everybody’s duty. Officer, please check carefully. We will have no complaints.” Su Ying’s voice was delicate as if she was a docile noble miss who had never seen the real world. She seemed like an innocent little white rabbit.


Once the officer saw her delicate and elegant physique and those pitch-black eyes that seemed as clear as autumn waters and rippled slightly with shades of green, his heart started to jump slightly.


The officer came back to his senses and lightly coughed before covering up his loss of self control with some words, “This officer has intruded and requests for the Young Miss’s forgiveness.”


“There was no harm done. It was only a verification.” Su Ying was scared that the man she had knocked unconscious would wake up. A flash of pretend fear appeared on her face before she added on: “The day is not early. Would Sir mind if the investigation was carried out at a faster pace?”


After seeing the scared Su Ying, that officer felt a sense of guilt. He quickly ordered his men to check the carriage. Originally, the other carriages would also be torn apart by their swords. However, for this carriage, he actually raised his hand and said, “Let it pass!”


“Has Sir checked it thoroughly?” Su Ying’s eyelashes trembled slightly, as if she was worried.


That officer felt a sense of pity towards the girl. He decided to get onto his horse, cupping one fist with his hand in a sign of apology before shouting loudly, “Please excuse the interruption. You may go!”


Seeing him go off, Lu Hen wiped off the sweat on her forehead, “Young Miss, that was too frightening. If we were found out…”


“Your family’s Young Miss’ dictionary has never had the words ‘If, that happened’ those type of unreliable words.” Su Ying’s lips curved slightly in a perfect curve as she said confidently.


Sure enough, her face was perfect for deceiving others. She was great at pretending to be a pure and innocent little white lotus.


As the horse carriage continued on, Lu Hen suddenly said, “Young Miss… he seems to have woken.”


The wooden panel on the bottom of the carriage was being hit fiercely. If no one paid attention, then the whole carriage may have been torn apart by the man.


“You go out first.” Su Ying thought about it before deciding.


When Lu Hen left, Su Ying’s hand was ready to press the button to open the mechanism when she stopped. She put on a peony flower mask first before finally opening the mechanism.


I’m pretty sure the officer just got played like a violin…


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