Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 2.2



Chapter 2.2 :

The sound of the horse hoofs were drawing closer and they were out of time if they wanted to save this man. If they were caught, then she would be charged with harboring criminals. Even though these were all guesses, Su Ying was very confident in her guess work.  


Uncle Zhong roughly whipped the horses, making them run at top speed.


The carriage was very steady and no jolts could be felt. Su Ying sat on a soft cushion, propping her face up with a hand while patting her cheek with the other. Her beautiful eyes studied the man before her.


His face was hidden by the mask, so it couldn’t be clearly seen .


Even though those eyes were closed, they still gave people a sense of biting coldness, like an eagle in the night sky, flying above everyone and displaying its awe-inspiring powers.


The only thing revealed by the mask was a pair of perfectly curved, thin, lips. They seemed cold and demonically charming; arrogant and dignified.


She was extremely curious as to what type of face laid behind the mask.


However, just as she untied the mask, she felt a strong power attacking her!


A powerful and muscular hand held her pale white wrist. An indescribable pain traveled up her arm, making her want to cry out. She angrily tried to pry his hand off, but it actually made him tighten his grip.


Suddenly, the originally unconscious man pulled her into his embrace-


Su Ying’s nose, which had hit the man’s chest, flared with pain. She did not even have time to protest before an overwhelming kiss pressed her down.


“Wu-” Su Ying’s eyes opened wide. In front of her was a close-up of the man’s face. A leisurely yet impossibly handsome man was currently indifferently kissing her…


This kiss carried a trace of provoking oppressiveness. It made people tremble with fear.


Just as their tongues intertwined with each other, something happened outside…


After who knows how long, an imposing yet chiding voice traveled into the carriage, “The carriage in front of me, stop!”


Even though Uncle Zhong and Lu Hen knew what was going on, they were still slightly worried.


What to do? They really should not have saved that injured man! If they were found out… Looking at the officials and soldiers surrounding them, Uncle Zhong could only complain in his heart about life’s hardships.


Uncle Zhong was told early on by Su Ying that they could not mention their relationship with the Prime Minister unless it was as a last resort.


At this time, Uncle Zhong’s face revealed a trace of panic. He quickly hopped off the front of the horse carriage and lowered his head in respect. He also took the time to hand over a small purse of money. “Soldiers, is there something wrong? We are simply ordinary people.”


The head of the soldiers took the pouch of money and the originally frosty and imposing voice softened slightly, “An assassin escaped the Imperial Palace. All horse carriages passing by must be checked and there are no exceptions! Listen up! Everyone in the carriage, get off!”


Uncle Zhong and Lu Hen made eye contact, looking at each other with apprehensive fear. However, the two of them had experienced much more frightening and nerve-wracking events, so they looked relatively normal.


“Quickly open the carriage! Otherwise, you will all be taken to the governmental office!” The officer coldly urged.


I feel like she should just dump the guy out onto the street… Then again, she’s a kind person who’s can actually get herself out of a situation…


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