Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 2.1



Chapter 2.1 : Rescuing Someone on the Road


“Such a pretty dress! The person who designed it is simple too brilliant! Look, as long as you take in both sides of the dress at the waist, it would make you seem more elegant and exquisite if you were to wear it.” A young voice trailed out from inside a private room.


“It’s actually very good. Also, the patterns and embroidery are very pretty. How could any of the embroiderers in the residence make something like this? It’s only problem is that the price is a little too expensive.” Another voice responded.


“How is it expensive? After using the gold card discount, it’s only 100 taels!” The first girl said, excitedly saying, “Not many people wear it precisely because it’s expensive. Otherwise, you think just anyone can wear this?”


The second girl laughed mockingly at the first. “Nice. 100 taels is such a small amount for you? If I didn’t remember wrong, Third Young Miss Su, your monthly allowance is only ten taels, right? Where did you get all the money?”


The first girl was joyful, but didn’t say a thing. The second girl coyly pushed her and mysteriously said, “It’s probably your Second Sister’s mother’s dowry…”


“Stop. Don’t speak nonsense. If this gets out, I’ll rip your mouth up.” The first girl pretended to be angry, but didn’t actually deny the statement.


Su Ying stood there for a long time, her eyes as cold as ice. Suddenly, the corner of her lips raised and she lightly said something to Shopkeeper Zhao before taking Lu Hen with her and walking away.


Su Ying slowly walked  with leisure out a side door before getting into a horse carriage.


The horse carriage was not fancy nor was it adorned as many of the others and seemed to be very simple. Only a few knowledgeable people knew that this horse carriage had bamboo shock absorbers and a few fancy mechanisms. It was literally priceless.


The horse carriage slowly made it’s way to the Su Residence. Inside the carriage, Su Ying was contemplating deeply .


After hearing that Third Young Miss Su speak, Su Ying’s mood became heavier. Those memories that had been painstakingly buried away rushed out once again in a torrent.


In her memories, she saw the same beautiful, gentle, mother, Mei Furen. On a swing underneath the cherry blossom tree, where the sound of laughter could be heard.


On a certain day  Mei Furen suddenly fell down under the cherry blossom tree; coughing up blood. Her eyes were closed in pain. Not long after, she passed away without any last words for her daughter. Very quickly, her corpse was cremated and turned into gray ash… the little daughter had cried until she fainted, yet nobody cared about her.


She was a modern-day special service agent on a dangerous mission. In a chance of misfortune, she lost her life. When the young girl woke up, she had become her.


Su Ying closed her eyes and an image of Mei Furen, with blood pouring out of her mouth, appeared in her mind. Her heart began to experience an indescribable pain.


Maybe this was the power of blood. Even though the souls were not the same, this body was still attached to her mother.




“Squeak-” The carriage driver anxiously pulled on the reins and the horses reared up before unwillingly stopping.


Su Ying snapped out of her trance and frowned.


“What’s going on?” Lu Hen saw that Su Ying’s face didn’t look pleased and raised the curtain to look outside.


“Young Miss, there is an unconscious man on the road!” The carriage driver, Uncle Zhong, felt very wronged. Clearly, the carriage had yet to hit the man , but the other side had immediately  fainted .


Su Ying looked out of the window and saw the man’s back.


The man was wearing black clothing with an emerald-green jade belt wound around his waist. His figure was slender and perfectly beautiful. Even though he was unconscious, he still had a proud and lofty aura. But around him; ice cold killing intent.


Su Ying walked in front of him and looked at him.


He wore a weird mask on his face. The half black half white mask covered half his face, but the shape of his face could still be seen. It was like a layer of clouds covering the moon, giving people the feeling of mystery.


It was hard to imagine how beautiful this man was.


Suddenly, Su Ying’s slender eyebrows knitted together. She was extremely vigilant, so she could hear the sound of horses running from some ways away.


“Carry him onto the horse carriage. Quickly!” Su Ying’s voice carried a trace of anxiety.


With the help of Lu Hen and Uncle Zhong, the three people managed to get the half-dead man onto the carriage.


“Lu Hen, you sit on the front with Uncle Zhong.” Su Ying didn’t even think before saying.


“Young Miss…” A man and an unmarried girl in a room alone, wasn’t this… this a little too inappropriate? Lu Hen wanted to say, but stopped.


“Keeping him alive is our priority. We don’t need to care so much about other stuff.” Su Ying told Uncle Zhong, “Don’t waste the time, go immediately! ”


Because an unconscious person can totally do something to a girl… Or could he?


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