Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 1.2



Chapter 1.2 : Transmigration


Su Ying lifted her eyes to look at her personal maid, Lu Hen.


Today, Lu Hen wore a pale green garment. Her skirt was a flowery and flowy pleated skirt. Her pretty little face set the backdrop for her big, watery eyes, and on both her cheeks had small dimples. Her smile was very refreshing and pure.


Lu Hen opened the bag  she carried with her. Inside was a big wooden box which had twenty-four compartments. Each compartment held a beautiful white jade bottle that glimmered and shone under the sunlight.


Quite suddenly,  Shopkeeper Zhao could smell a faint and delicate fragrance linger in the air. It immediately made people feel calm and happy.


“Open and smell it.” Su Ying’s face was still as indifferent as ever.


Shopkeeper Zhao opened a pale blue jade bottle and put it to her nose to smell it. Instantly, her eyes brightened and she loudly praised, “It smells so good! What is this?”


Su Ying’s face carried a calm and measurely smile, but did not speak. Lu Hen walked forward a step, explaining to Shopkeeper Zhao, “This is called perfume. Just a few drops could make one smell beautiful for an entire day. Does Shopkeeper Zhao have an interest in selling this?”


“Of course I’m willing to sell it!” Shopkeeper Zhao’s eyes lit up delightedly. She enthusiastically cried out, “Our ‘Singing lady’ store is naturally for women, particularly for high-class women! Those women are always eager to out-compete each other. They will definitely like this perfume!” The more Shopkeeper Zhao thought about it, the more excited she became.


Lu Hen looked at Su Ying and smiled at Shopkeeper Zhao again, “Do not be anxious, Shopkeeper Zhao. Mistress’ meaning is that this perfume is not for selling, but rather giving away.”


“Not for selling?” Shopkeeper Zhao stared. However, she was quite smart and had been followed Su Ying for so many years. Quickly, she understood what the motive of the perfume was, “Mistress wants to pair these with our ready-made clothes?”


“You are not slow-witted after all.” Su Ying carelessly flipped through another accounting book, her brows raising slightly. “For those who have senior cards, give them the white jade bottle. For our platinum card holders give them the faint blue bottle.”


“Mistress is brilliant!” Shopkeeper Zhao nodded her head with admiration. As she became excited, her speech became faster, “These girls are most skilled at competing with each other. This way, those holding gold and silver cards would consume this perfume quickly and would not only boost our ready-made clothing sales, but would also help market our perfume! Moreover, since the recipe for these perfumes are in our hands, no one else could imitate them. By being the only people to sell this, we’ll naturally get more customers!”


Compared with Shopkeeper Zhao’s excitement, Su Ying was relatively calm.


Under the afternoon sun, she languidly yawned and stood up. The beautiful sun shone down on her while the wind gently rustled her skirt, creating a graceful and elegant scene.


Shopkeeper Zhao thought of something and her face became slightly heavy. She reported to Su Ying, “Young Miss must be careful these days. Recently, more people have begun to ask for whom the head of the“Singing lady” is. Even though this servant fooled them, one can not be too careful.”


A ray of cold light flashed through Su Ying’s eyes. However, it immediately faded. Very quickly, she reverted back to her original lazy behavior. “There’s no worries. Who would think that the owner of the famous store the “Singing lady” is actually the Right Minister’s least favored waste of a Second Miss?”


Six years ago, this “Singing lady” store was founded by the transmigrated Su Ying. In these six years, she had always been behind the scene controlling all the operations. She had never revealed herself in public. Other than a few personal maids, only this Shopkeeper Zhao knew who she was.


In the past few years, she’s always been very cautious. Even if she went into the store to do a check-up, she would still be treated the same as all those other nobles misses.


Singing lady, which read backwards, would sound exactly like Su Ying’s name*. However, no one would ever associate this store with the Right Minister’s timid and stupid Second Young Miss.


“Investigate the background of ‘Dancing Butterflies.’” Su Ying’s black eyes shone like the end of a sharp sword.


As for the person who was investigating her, Su Ying immediately had a suspicion that it was the “Dancing Butterflies” store.


She had no complaints if this store wanted to follow behind her and make cheap imitations of her ideas. However, if that person had malicious intents… Su Ying’s eyes were as calm as water, but her lips curved into a ridiculing smirk.


After Shopkeeper Zhao left, Su Ying took Lu Hen along and grandiosely left the residence through the main doors.


On the road, a faint voice that Su Ying was familiar with traveled into her ears. She slightly slowed down her footsteps…


Back in those days when perfume wasn’t everywhere and wasn’t filled with chemicals… Anyone else went to those types of school where the classrooms and locker rooms smelled like someone used an entire bottle of perfume and it’s so overwhelmingly perfume-y? Doesn’t smell good. At all.


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