Evil Child Black Bellied Wife : Chapter 1.1



Chapter 1.1 : Transmigration

In the capital city of the Dongling Empire.


During the beautiful spring of the fourth month, flowers filled the courtyard. A lone cherry blossom tree stood in the yard, its branches covered with captivating red flowers that lightly blew and fluttered in the wind.


Underneath the cherry blossom tree, Su Ying sat peacefully  on a wisteria wood stool. Currently, her hair was pulled into a complicated Cloud Topknot, and she wore a white muslin dress that draped onto the floor. The pink embroidered belt was wrapped alluringly around her  slender waist, making her seem even more stunningly beautiful and otherworldly.


In her beautifully slender jade-white  hands was the “Singing Lady” store’s account book. The girl leisurely and calmly read each page.


If outsiders were to see this scene, they would definitely be so surprised that their eyeballs would fall out.


Because the “Singing lady” store was currently a very unordinary store in the Dongling Empire.


Everyone knew that the “Singing Lady” store’s overwhelming power was not something anyone could resist. In just six years, this store went  from a tiny  embroidery shop to a massive and grandiose  store. Branches of this store could be found all over the Dongling Empire!


However, no one knew who the head of this “Singing lady” store was. Other than a few trusted individuals, almost no one else had ever seen the appearance of the store founder.


Su Ying’s slim and graceful fingers flipped gently through the pages of the ledger book. She read it quickly,  her face  showing no  movement at all. She looked as calm and graceful as an immortal.


By her side was an elderly woman who was around fifty years old. The elderly woman’s face displayed both her reverence and respect for the young girl looking at the ledger book.


If outsiders saw this, they would definitely freak out. This elderly woman was actually Shopkeeper Zhao, who managed the entirety of the “Singing lady” stores. Usually, she rarely showed herself in public. Even the Magistrate had to be courteous to her when he met her. However now, she was actually so deferential and respectful to a little girl.


After a short period of time, Su Ying threw the accounting book onto the table and leaned back in her chair. She pinched her brows slightly and indifferently asked, “Is there a decrease in profits in all our stores this month?”


If transmigrated people saw this, they would be surprised because the accounting book in Su Ying’s hands was exactly like the double-entry accounting books of the 21st century!


Shopkeeper Zhao’s eyes revealed a trace of worry, “As Young Miss expected, just as we released our line of ready-made clothes, many people began to copy our style. Also, a new store called “Dancing Butterflies” recently opened. They’re the same as us and also make female ready-made clothing. However, they have a big influence and lured away our customers with their cheaper prices.”


Su Ying used one hand to support her head. Quickly, a glimmer of insight flashed in her cold and colorful eyes. She lightly said, “Following the trend? Then let them chase after us. Price war? We make high-end clothes. If other people want to make a cheap knock-off of our clothes, we can’t do anything about it.”


Shopkeeper Zhao was originally very worried. However,  seeing that the store head was calm and collected, her heart also settled down. These years, Shopkeeper Zhao was already used to the temperament of her mistress. She trusted that Su Ying would definitely find a good way to bring back customers.


Don’t worry, Shopkeeper Zhao! Su Ying’s always got your back! Woo hoo!!!!!! *waves pom poms*


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