Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 9



Chapter 9 : Shameless

Di Fuyao sat in the middle of the silver cassia tree, leaning her back against the tree. Her hands were crossed over her chest, and her long slender legs hung off the branch. Her cold eyes carried a sense of ridicule while looking at the poisonous mother and daughter pair. They were still in the main hall discussing how to deal with her.The bloodthirsty smile on her pink lips spread larger.


“Little shrew, what are you planning on doing now?”


Suddenly, a familiar demonic voice came from behind her.


Di Fuyao’s eyes shook, and her long slender legs kicked out behind her.


Her kick didn’t land, and she only saw something flash by her eyes.


The corners of Ye Chongyuan’s lips curled upwards, revealing a demonic smile, “Are you really so excited to see me?”


“F*ck you!” scolded Di Fuyao as her hand formed the shape of a knife and chopped towards his handsome face.


Unfortunately, he caught her little hand without any difficulty..


Di Fuyao then angrily screamed, “You pervert! What are you doing?!”


“What comes around goes around.”


His demonic voice, containing a sense of danger, swept past her ears. He then pressed his large figure upon her.


His face was only inches away from hers. His phoenix eyes lit up, and they seemed to carry some arrogance within them, his eyes staring into her large, vivid eyes..


Di Fuyao’s face was filled with loathing, and she raised her hand to slap his face.


“Little shrew, the fire you brought up has not been extinguished yet,” laughed Ye Chongyuan as he caught her smooth little hand again. He was like an old fox.


Di Fuyao slowly looked down his body and saw a suspicious bulge down there.She then surprisingly said, “Oh-”


“Come extinguish it,” said Ye Chongyuan as he pressed himself on top on her.


When Fu Jiu, who went to gather information, saw this scene in the dark, he was immediately dumbstruck.


He had never seen the “weak willow trembling in the winds” side of his master before. This made him change his three values in life.

(TL/N : Basically, Fu Jiu is like, amazed at this new side of his Master and is rethinking his life/life decisions)


“Alright,” Di Fuyao said happily as she nodded her head.


Ye Chongyuan’s brow unfurrowed, and he looked at her contently. This little shrew sure had a lot of courage. He really wanted to see how she would extinguish this powerful fire!


“The sun will go down past the mountains, but it will come back up tomorrow. The flowers will wither, but they will grow back just the same next year. Your youthful bird will fly away and not come back,” Di Fuyao suddenly started to sing, and then she laughed strangely when finishing the song. Suddenly, she moved faster than lightning, a long wooden stick she had picked up heading towards the lower part of his body.


(TN: The “Youthful bird” is a symbol to one’s youth. As time passes by the seasons change and come back, but your youth would be gone forever.)


The wooden stick was heading towards Ye Chongyuan’s lower body, and when Fu Jiu saw this, he sucked in a cold breath of air


This girl was truly courageous. He could already see his master getting angry and staining the scene with blood.


However, Ye Chongyuan didn’t care about the sharp stick. His hands swooped in and locked Di Fuyao tightly in his embrace, his demonic eyes overflowing with interest. The corners of his lips curled upwards as he said, “Little shrew, are you trying to break the happiness to the next half of your life?”

(TL/N : It means she’s looking for death)


His warm breath on Di Fuyao’s ear sent a chill down her spine, and her face turned red.


These words were too dirty and shameless!


However, who would be scared of him?!


A trace of craftyness flashed in Di Fuyao’s eyes, but when she started to speak, her voice was gentle and obedient, “Young sir, I am just a weak girl. If you keep bullying me like this, you wouldn’t be able to be called a big husband.”


As she said this, she used her pitiful eyes to look at him. However, her little hands were moving around below her.


“What can a big husband do? It’s fine if I am not one. I will just be your small husband instead.”


(TN: in these sentences, “Big” doesn’t mean they are tall or large. It just means that they are kind and generous, whereas, “Small” would be the opposite of big, meaning mean or dirty.)


His voice was magnetic and poisonous, and he emitted an aura that made people have the urge to commit a crime.


If it wasn’t for the ridicule in his eyes, Di Fuyao would have really believed that this guy had fallen for her. However, she was Di Fuyao. Who doesn’t know how to act?!


While using a childish tone that even she couldn’t stand, she smiled and said, “Then, little husband, can you let go of me? You are about to choke me to death.”


“Oh, really?” Ye Chongyuan was a bit surprised. Why had did this wild cat suddenly calmed down? This wouldn’t be so fun anymore..


Di Fuyao obediently nodded her head. Her face grimaced in pain, but the crafty light in her eyes only grew.  

Because it really did look like she was choking, he half-believingly and half-doubtingly loosened his grip.


Di Fuyao squinted her eyes as she unexpectedly moved faster than lighting and did a pleasing monkey stealing the peach.


(TN: “Monkey stealing the peach” means distract the opponent and grabbing seizing their lower body part. Most applicable to males.)

Link to the song Di Fuyao was singing:


I love this novel so much. Everytime  I read a chapter, I literally bust a gut laughing. Di Fuyao = epitome of shameless.


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