Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 8



Chapter 8 : The Conspiring Mother-Daughter Duo


A black line appeared on his forehead.


Little girl, no matter how you say it, shouldn’t you extinguish the fire that you have created before you leave?


“In two hours, I want all the information there is on that little girl.” ordered Ye Chongyuan as he smiled with interest. Suddenly, a ray  of light appeared in his hands, and the bulge that was raised up started to settle down.


Fu Jiu respectfully replied, “Yes, master!”


This was the first that that Fu Jiu had seen his master, a man with extreme mysophobia become so intrigued by an ugly woman.


Master’s preferences really were unpredictable.


In that instant, Fu Jiu  felt that his Master, the man who ruled the entire world whilst  hating women, had already begun to change.


Elsewhere, the night time had begun to cool down, it became as tranquil and chilly as a glowing stream.


Di Fuyao leisurely walked far away from the city and headed towards the West Garden.


Originally, there was a small room given to her within the West Garden, however, it was stolen by Di Fuling who turned it into a place to cultivate demonic beasts. The original owner of this body was kicked out and forced to live in the pig shack, eating and sleeping with the pigs for three long years.


A strong determination grew in her. She decided that she will help the original owner of this body vanquish the anger in her heart and slowly return it to Di Fuling twice as much.


When she had arrived at the West Garden, the sight she saw was a mess. The place was deplorable beyond her imagination. It was so far below the standards that even  a commoner would cringe.


The West Garden had become a place  for the servants of the Di Family to store junk and other items. Usually, no one would step foot into this place, therefore, the weeds and grass in the courtyard had already grew to the height of half a person. This became a home to snakes, mice, and poisonous spiders, while the wooden beams were overtaken by the poisonous ants.


When Di Fuyao pushed the doors open, all kinds of dust had flown to her face and a large mouse had even jumped onto her head. She strangled the mouse to death without any remorse, and threw it behind her. Then she proceeded to enter the room.


The dark room contained nothing aside from some plain  walls.


A simple wooden bed could be seen in the room. The bed sheet on top of the bed was so dirty that one couldn’t  tell what the original color was. There were  also two hand made stools in the room.


Oh, and of course there was still some poop from the demonic hamster beast everywhere. Di Fuling probably also felt disgusted about this place, and took her beloved pet away.


“The f***! Even a home of a commoner was better than this right?! This room simply does not match my identity and class!”


She suddenly thought of the life of the original owner of this body. She was someone who lived a life that was much worse than that of a mouse. She immediately felt the anger inside of her boil. This was really serious!




She kicked the wooden bed into two. Di Fuyao glanced at the West Garden that was utterly destroyed one more time before she walked away.


She had initially  thought that the West Garden would be better than the pig shack, and planned to rest there for the night. However, who knew that these two places would be equally bad? It looked like she would have to find somewhere else to sleep.


Di Fuyao’s sharp eyes glanced around her surroundings. And  suddenly she thought of a good place that could let her rest for a night.


Bai Xiang Garden.


In the bright and imposing hall, Di Fuling looked at the woman with her back turned. The woman was reciting prayers on a mat, and said, “Mother, that lowly servant had too much courage today! She even dared to hit this daughter!”


This woman was Di Yaotian’s main wife, Di Yunshi.


“Fuling, your father will be coming home tomorrow. When he gets here, he will be checking your cultivating progress. However, you are still not concentrating on your cultivation, and still bothering with that girl. Are you not afraid of being scolded by your father?”


Clearly the woman had thought that it was just something small, and didn’t know that Di Fuling had sustained injuries from head to toe. Some of her flesh had torn off her body.  Don’t even mention how terrifying the scene was.


Yunshi had a very gentle face. When she saw that her daughter had been injured with blood still dripping down, her gentle face immediately turned darker.


“Mother, you need to help this daughter kick that lowly servant out of the Di Family!” said Di Fuling angrily as she clenched her teeth.


“Fuling, listen to Mother, go back to your room and rest well tonight. Mother will definitely give you justice tomorrow!”


When Yunshi saw that her beautiful daughter was beaten to the point of obtaining scars over her body, her heart felt very bitter and a trace of malice flashed by her eyes.


Under the night sky, a petite figure moved swiftly. No one was able to see the incredible speed that this person was travelling at. Only a powerful person would be able to tell that the person was Di Fuyao.


She had heard that the Eldest Madam in the Bai Xiang Garden was a vegetarian and practiced Buddhism all year round. That place was also located very close to where she was currently at, so it would be a perfect place for her to rest for a night.


“Mother, that lowly servant seems to have become a completely different person.  You would not believe how vicious her moves are. How would you deal with her?” asked Di Fuling doubtfully.


Yunshi laughed coldly and disdain filled her eyes, “Why would mother waste efforts on that lowly servant born from that b*tch? Fuling, as long as you tell this matter to your father, I believe that stupid girl won’t be having anymore good luck.”


“That’s right, Father loves and dotes on me a lot! As long as he sees my wounds, he will definitely not let that lowly servant off easily!” Di Fuling’s eyes lit up and a wide smile immediately appeared on her face.  She could practically see her father furiously punishing Di Fuyao, and kicking her out of the Di Family.




Di Fuyao, who was sitting on a tree outside of the hall, heard every single word that came out of that vicious mother and daughter pair.


Her bright amber-like eyes shined, and the smile she had on her face carried a hint of bloodlust.


That little b*tch. She had not even gone  to look for her yet, and Di Fuling was already planning something to cause her demise.


Sigh… This is what happens when you think you’re smart but there’s someone smarter than you…


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