Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 7



Chapter 7 : Returning the Favor

After she finished speaking, she stood on the tips of her toes and used all of her strength to get closer to his face.

If an ordinary person saw her terrifying  ghost-like face at night, they would definitely scream from fright.

Ye Chongyuan, on the other hand, merely lowered his head. A cold breeze blew past her ears, and he smiled demonically as he coldly said, “Gentle and quiet woman are cute; however, you, you little brat, are a little shrew.”

(TN: A shrew is a way of describing a woman who has a violent temper and speech.)

Although he meant to ridicule her when he said this, it sounded like he was teasing and flirting with her. This was only emphasized by the special cold fragrance on his body, the soft breeze passing by his ears, and the extremely intimate and gentle ice cold strokes of his palm on her waist.. The intimacy that they displayed would make people’s imaginations go wild.

“Not only am I a shrew, but I am also very spicy!” Di Fuyao harrumphed lightly. Two red clouds appeared in her eyes, and she clenched her fist to punch Ye Chongyuan.

“A little shrew with empty words.” Ye Chongyuan caught her little fist without any difficulty at all and then laughed, “Are you trying to use the strength of a little bird to resist a large roc?”

The words he just said had two meanings. The first was laughing at her for being weak, and the other was a retort to when she had nearly fainted from his “needle”.


This perverted and black bellied devil!

She really wanted to trample that handsome face of his!

“Are you angry, little bird?” said Ye Chongyuan while laughing before she got a chance to respond. He stared at her face, which turned red either from embarrassment or anger, and felt very playful.

A wide smile suddenly appeared on Di Fuyao’s face, “You are indeed correct. I am an angry little bird. I am a little bird that specializes in beating up flying pigs! Hahaha!”

Seeing that she was laughing so thoughtlessly, a layer of frost appeared on Ye Chongyuan’s face. The long slender fingers that were holding onto her waist slowly loosened. He leaned in closely to her ear and, with a deep voice with a trace of blood thirstiness, said, “Little shrew, do you want to know how it feels to be underneath a ‘pig’?”

This little wild cat really had  a lot of courage. He, Ye Chongyuan, had always loathed women and had never touched one before, but she dared to call him a pig.

Di Fuyao saw that his black phoenix eyes had a dangerous glint in them. Then, she instinctively formed a hand knife and chopped towards his neck.

(TL Note:  it is like a karate chop)

Ye Chongyuan smiled carelessly and harrumphed coldly, “What kind of trick are you trying to pull?”

He raised his hand in attempt to catch the unstable little hand. Unexpectedly, just in that moment, Di Fuyao’s eyes flashed with a cunning look. She kicked towards his lower area and successfully hit her target.

An unbearable pain spread out from the lower half of his body.

Ye Chongyuan gritted his teeth and groaned in pain. His handsome face lost its color from the pain, and his phoenix eyes darkened like the day before a rainstorm.

“Little brat, you-!”

“Hee hee~” Taking advantage of the situation, Di Fuyao gracefully slid down the fake rock mountain when Ye Chongyuan’s grip loosened. Standing in front of the pond, she laughed and said, “Mr. Pervert, there is a saying that says you return politeness with politeness. Since you have held my hand for so long, this would be my gift in return. You do not have to thank me for this, haha.”

After she finished laughing, she clapped her hands and walked away leisurely.

Seeing the petite figure strut away, a trace of annoyance appeared in Ye Chongyuan’s black eyes.

Not only was this little shrew courageous, but she was also very wild. She wouldn’t suffer a loss easily. If one was not careful, one could easily be scratched up by her.


The cold colors in Ye Chongyuan’s eyes gathered together to become a bright light, a look of interest filling his eyes.

“Little girl, politeness should indeed be returned with politeness. Just wait, my gift will arrive very soon.”

“Master, do you need this subordinate to take care of this?”

A cold voice that carried traces of a murderous spirit came from the darkness

“Fu Jiu, the game has just started, so you better not ruin my mood.” Ye Chongyuan raised his brows and, with his eagle like eyes, glared into the darkness.

A tall and straight silhouette walked out of from the darkness. His face was firm and resolute, but was also unexpectedly gentle and clever. He respectfully lowered his body and bowed to the person on top of the fake rock mountain. When he was about to raise his head, his eyes landed on his master’s lower body. His face suddenly turned grim and he averted his eyes.

“Master… there… cough cough…” stuttered Fu Jiu hesitantly.

Ye Chongyuan suddenly sensed something and looked down, only to see a suspicious bulge down there.
(TN: um….. ok…..)


Yeah… Ye Chongyuan is a masochist? Not surprised…


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