Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 6



WARNING : HAS SEXUAL HINTS. I’M PRETTY SURE YOU GUYS ALREADY KNOW, BUT JUST ONE MORE WARNING… It’s not too bad though. Nothing worse than what you would find in a middle school. 😀 

Chapter 6 : I Don’t Like Needles

The palms of his hands were extremely large in comparison to her chest.

In an instant, the air temperature seemed to have dropped and turned rigid.

Sweat had started to drip down Di Fuyao’s forehead. They were close enough to hear the wind whistle.

“If your chest is not large then how can you gather people’s heart?” said Ye Chongyuan, his phoenix eyes carried traces of laziness and contained a demonic charm. He lifted his hands and spread them out, showing his long, slender fingers. Then, he gestured towards her chest.

Di Fuyao kept the rage in her heart under control. She took a deep breath and then  gave a light smile and said, ”Mr. Pervert, there is a saying “If one’s chest is not flat, how can one overtake the world?“

“Clever and eloquent.”

A trace of a demonic smile appeared on Ye Chongyuan’s thin lips.

“Demonic pervert.”

Di Fuyao refuted back, unwilling to fall behind whilst rolling her eyes.

The one glance that she stole was incredible. She utilised the light from the moon and with their close distance, she was able to see “Mr Pervert’s” appearance.

His body was like a piece of jade, exquisitely carved and shaped. He donned a golden satin robe that glimmered in the moonlight and projected a halo effect. However, the aura that he exuded was lonely and cold. He emitted an aura that chilled anyone within his close vicinity. This made people fear him and liken him to a devil.

What was even more shocking was his incomparably handsome face.

His facial features were extremely delicate, with a facial structure that was clearly distinguished. These features made him extremely handsome in an unorthodox manner.

His narrow and slightly slanted phoenix eyes carried a sense of elegance whilst appearing languid at the same time.

His pursed lips radiated a graceful but mocking smile.

The pale and delicate skin of his could cause many girls to blush with shame and envy. He was simply too handsome to the point of looking demonic! This devilishly handsome man was a living devil!

“…..” Di Fuyao couldn’t help but swallow her saliva. Under the calm night, all the sounds could be clearly heard.

Ye Chongyuan’s phoenix eyes were as deep as an ancient pond. A joking smile appeared on his lips, “Little girl, have you never seen a man before? Are you really so thirsty that you simply can’t wait?”

Di Fuyao’s lips tugged slightly and her particular eyes sized him up. Her line of vision halted at his face and she said ““I’m sorry. I get dizzy with needles, and I have no interest in you.”

(TL/N : Actually… her “needles” comment is a roundabout way of saying that she doesn’t like guys because of their anatomy… you know…… yeah…. *runs off with a red face*)

The atmosphere suddenly dropped to a  freezing point.

“Really,” echoed his demonic voice.

Ye Chongyuan  extended his hands out to her. However, Di Fuyao had already been prepared and dodged his grasp, but this had caused her to unexpectedly land in his embrace.

His strong arms immediately caught her by her waist, leaning over to support her small and delicate body, he raised his brows and charmingly said, “Do you want to inspect the goods to see if I’m as thin as a needle?”

Di Fuyao struggled with against him with all her strength, but was still tightly trapped in his embrace. Being this close to his soft robe, she could clearly hear and feel his strong heartbeat.

She divulged a smile to him and coldly stated “I have already checked the product. I do not need to feel to know your measurements down there.”

Ye Chongyuan didn’t get  angry, instead he laughed. His smiling phoenix eyes stared at her as if she had said something unbelievable.

Everyone had said that the girls from Nan Xuan were gentle and graceful, but this little girl was treacherous and malicious. Every single word that came out of her mouth was foul, and not a single part of her was reserved. This was completely different from the rumored weak and cowardly temper he had heard of. Despite that, her appearance was exactly as how the rumors described her, ugly.

Her body was frail and weak. With a face that was only the size of a palm due to the fact that she hadn’t eaten properly for a long period of time. This had caused her to gain a malnourished and sickly appearance. The left side of her face was covered by a black imprint, however, the right side of her face was surprisingly delicate and pretty. One half of her face resembled a devil whilst the other looked like an angel. Her face a pure contradiction. This overwhelmingly terrifying face was the epitome of the yin yang ghost face known by the common people.

Di Fuyao felt discomfort as he analysed her face, so she raised her face and shouted, “What are you looking at?!”

Ye Chongyuan’s thin red lips evilly smiled as his eyes swept across her.

Although this little girl’s appearance wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t enough to cover up her vivid and clever eyes that was filled with malice and a cunning streak. It was similar to an archaic pearl, emitting an unique aura.

Despite Ye Chongyuan restraining her, she maintained a calm expression that contained a hidden dominance. She was very similar to an untamed wild cat.

“Haha.” laughed Ye Chongyuan. He then tightened his grasp  that he had on her waist.

Di Fuyao’s entire body was pressed closely to his chest. He had tightened his grip on her to the point where she could not breathe. She lightly smiled and mockingly said , “A pervert is just a pervert, and you sure have strong taste. Come if you dare!”


Di Fuyao and Ye Chongyuan’s relationship…


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