Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 5


Chapter 5

“Ahh—” Di Fuling was so scared that all of the color drained from her face. She picked up the Scarlet Lightning Cat and angrily ran several meters away.

Luo Feiyue ran up to see what happened. The Scarlet Lightning Cat, who was still breathing earlier, was now bleeding out of its nose and mouth. Moments later, it rose up to the heavens to meet the gods.

(TN: Basically saying that the cat died)


Di Fuyao squinted her eyes a bit and pitifully sighed, “Fifth Sister, you are really malicious. I saw that the little sick cat’s internal heat was too high, so I released its blood to help relieve it. However, you just directly killed the cat. This is really pitiful!”

“I.. I didn’t! It was you! It was clearly you who choked it to death!” explained Di Fuling urgently.

Di Fuyao spread her hands out and innocently smiled, “Fifth Sister, Did you forget that I am a piece of trash? How could I have the strength to choke a demonic beast to death?”

Di Fuling wasn’t able refute what she had said.


When the contract beast dies, the master also receives heavy internal injuries.

Luo Feiyue suddenly spit out a few mouthfuls of blood. She was holding onto her chest, and her complexion ashened from the extreme pain and anger. “Di Fuling, you better remember this! From now on I will not let you off so easily!”

After speaking, she angrily walked away and didn’t look back.

The remaining young misses from influential families saw that the show was over, and they also left one by one.

At this moment, Di Fuling’s anger was at the breaking point, and right when she wanted to turn around and attack Di Fuyao, there was nobody there. There was only a Scarlet Lightning Cat who died filled with grievances.

“Di Fuyao, you lowly servant! You dare to frame me! I will make you pay this debt with blood!”

The skies were dark.

After leaving the beast room, Di Fuyao’s complexion was tranquill. She was nimbly walking through a long hallway when she stopped at a garden.

“Are you a pervert?”

The cold chiding voice was full of wrath.

“Haha,” joking laughter emanated from the darkness.

Di Fuyao squinted her eyes and looked out into the distance. Sure enough, there was a tall and straight silhouette on top of a towering fake rock mountain.

The moon light was hazy, and the man, who was leisurely sitting on a fake rock mountain, was barely visible. He was sitting high and looking downwards, and his tall and straight body emitted a dominating aura that could take over the world. His clothes were fancy, part of his jade belt was floating with the wind, and his manner was noble and graceful. Only his face, which was covered by darkness, could not be seen.

Di Fuyao walked over with large strides and swiftly climbed the fake rock mountain.

“What? Are you coming up here to teach me a lesson?” The man’s magnetic and demonic voice carried a sense of languid interest.

“Haha,” Di Fuyao copied his tone and laughed before she said, “I don’t like being looked down upon by perverts.”

Especially those who she didn’t know if they were a friend or foe.

Ye Chongyuan was not angry. Instead, he raised his brows and said with a hint of interest, “Although you are small, your courage is not.”

The last person to use that kind of tone with him was turned into a pile of dust.

This little girl was the first one to not die after speaking to him with such a tone.

“You were the one who choked the Scarlet Lightning Cat to death, right?” After Di Fuyao climbed up the fake rock mountain, she saw that the man seemed to have no guard against her. She found a comfortable spot on the fake rock mountain and sat down.

She originally didn’t plan to kill the little sick cat. At the most, she was going to let the little sick cat suffer some internal injuries. As for Di Fuling, she definitely doesn’t have the strength to kill it. After thinking for a bit, she realized that it could only have been the owner of that voice that she heard for a split second..

Ye Chongyuan’s demonic and bewitching eyes held a trace of interest. His tone was dense as he said, “If a woman is too clever, she will stir up fire and get burned.”

(TN: This means that when a woman is too clever, they’ll end up suffering themselves.)


“Oh?” Di Fuyao’s expression was unrestrained when she smiled with a look of ridicule on her face. “What fire? I extinguished it already!”

Ye Chongyuan’s brows rose up. What an arrogant woman!

Di Fuyao had just spoken when the tall shadow suddenly rushed towards her like an unsheathed sword.

His hands were as fast as lightning, but Di Fuyao also wasn’t so simple. She was already prepared for his move, sweeping her long legs to block the man’s strike.

Who knew that Ye Chongyuan’s figure would change so unpredictably that he was able to avoid her attack. His palm then suddenly landed on her chest, catching her off guard.


Di Fuyao, guard yourself…


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