Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 4



Chapter 4

Di Fuling’s face was partially green and partially pale, there was nothing she could do to back down from this embarrassing situation.

If she and Luo Feiyue were to end on bad terms, then that would bring her more harm than benefits. However, the Scarlet Lightning Cat was in the hands of that lowly servant; Di Fuyao. She has just seen her heartless methods, so how could she still have the guts to go up there and demand for it?

She glanced at Di Fuyao who was choking the Scarlet Lightning Cat again., Di Fuyao’s expression showed pleasure and her attitude was natural and unrestrained. How could this compare to her timid and weak expression from before?

“What sisterly love?! They were  all lies! Di Fuling, I will never help you deliver messages to my brother anymore!” Luo Feiyue looked at the Di Fuling who was hesitating. Luo Feiyue’s eyes flashed with ridicule, she had actually treated her like they were real sisters! Now that she looked back at it, it was her who was being foolish!

Di Fuling became anxious once she heard Luo Feiyue’s words. She quickly grabbed Luo Feiyue’s hands and acted like a dear sister to her, portraying deep sisterly love. However, Luo Feiyue avoided her with a face of contempt.

“Di Fuyao, what do you want to do?!” Di Fuling’s expression then changed into one of anger.

From the beginning,  the Di Fuyao who had been watching the “Sisterly love” show with everyone else laughed. She then put on a face filled with innocence and said, “I have never seen a stinking pig before, so I waited to watch what a stinking pig truly looked like.”

She had craved to see the all high and mighty Di Fuling, who believed herself to be better than everyone else  act like a stinking pig.

“Oh, interesting.” A soft and calm voice floated into Di Fuyao’s ears. It was mixed in with the Scarlet Lightning Cat’s miserable screams. However, the voice disappeared immediately, making it seem like she had imagined it.
Di Fuling stared  at her hatefully, “Di Fuyao, I will make you regret this!”

Di Fuyao gave her an innocent smile, “I’m sorry, but, your sister, does not have the word regret in her dictionary. However I do have many words like “life wrenching pain” and “living a life worst than death” in my dictionary. Does Fifth Sister want to try them?”

“You!” Di Fuling was angry to the point of gritting her teeth

In order to marry the person of her dreams, such sacrifices were necessary.

Di Fuling calmed down her heart. And began to bend down slowly in front of everyone and place her two hands on the ground. Then she positioned herself into a crawling position and crawled around for a while.

Right when she wanted to get up, a cold voice immediately rang out.

“You have to act it out more lively. The key point are  the sounds and expression. Otherwise people who don’t know what you are doing will think of you as an idiot.”

Once these words were heard, the surrounding  influential young misses all bursted out laughing.

Di Fuling had barely restrained her anger. However, once she saw the Scarlet Lightning Cat who was choked to the point of running out of breath by Di Fuyao and her “best friend” Luo Feiyue’s dejected expression. All she could do was clench her teeth and resume crawling on the ground. Whilst she was crawling, she had let out a pig snorting sounds.

All the young misses who were watching laughed to the point of having tears spill out of their eyes.

Di Fuyao’s brows slowly raised up as she saw Di Fuling copy a pig’s movement of rolling around whilst imitating a pig’s sound. Di Fuyao then gave a condescending smile,  “If we place Fifth Sister in a pig shack, then it would really be difficult to figure out who was the real little pig!”

Humiliation! This was such a huge humiliation!

Di Fuling lowered her head, and her eyes showed great shame.

Luo Feiyue had  put all of her attention onto the Scarlet Lightning Cat. She pitifully looked at her contract beast whom was about to die and anxiously asked, “Forth Di Young Miss, it was my fault and I should’ve paid attention to what I said. Can you give back my contract beast now?”

“Of course. I always fulfil my promises.” Di Fuyao smiled and released  the beast in her hands.

The Scarlet Lightning Cat that was on its last breath had made a beautiful arc in mid air, and it landed on Di Fuling’s body. As it struggled, blood fell like rain and drenched Di Fuling from head to toe, giving her a messy and bloody appearance.

Everyone present was dumbstruck and stared at the bloody scene as if they had seen a ghost.
Di Fuyao’s mouth had calmly tugged up,  “If you are not dirty, then how could you be a stinking pig?”


I love Di Fuyao sometimes…


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  1. Som Reply

    She’s vicious, though it was justly deserved. Luo Feiyue forgot the cat will go nutty if she loses control she never really had over it. I guess if you care about Di Fuling, that’s a bummer. It is difficult to imagine anyone caring, though, for such a jerk.
    On another note, Mysterious Voice Guy must be the “Ghost Emperor”. Who else does invisible but ghosts?

  2. CoriGray333 Reply

    Really awesome story so far!
    Thank you for translating. I like your writing style.

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