Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

The enraged Scarlet Lightning Cat suddenly made her remember what her father had told her, causing the young girl’s complexion to change greatly.

“Yue’er, unless you are in a life threatening situation, you must not summon your contract beast. Only when you reach the third rank may you summon it. Otherwise, once you lose control of it, it could very easily turn on you.”

She was very anxious earlier and had momentarily forgotten what her father had told her.

At this moment, the Scarlet Lightning Cat was angry at Di Fuyao. How could it listen to its owner who hadn’t even tamed it yet?

The stronger the contract beast is, the harder it is for the owner to control, resulting in greater injury.

The girl dressed in green could feel the power inside of her drain endlessly. Her face turned pale and it became harder and harder for her to stand, her breathing becoming exceedingly heavy.

When the Scarlet Lighting Cat launched its quick attack, the only thing everyone saw was it throwing itself towards Di Fuyao to initiate the battle. Furious killing intent and streaks of white light were mixed in with the chaos. Wherever the white light went was where the Scarlet Lightning Cat went. Di Fuyao finally found a chance to strike with a killing move.

Di Fuling stumbled and managed to stand up. When she looked at her body, which was drenched in blood, her small face turned dark. Her poisonous eyes stared at Di Fuyao, who was battling the Scarlet Lightning Cat. She clenched her fists so tightly that they could could squeeze water out of a rock.

Di Fuyao that trash! How come she didn’t have a timid and weak personality like before?! Di Fuling could feel a deep, cold, and murderous aura from Di Fuyao. It felt like if Di Fuling wanted to kill her right now, then her life would end right here!

This feeling made it so that she couldn’t help but feel extremely terrified. The extreme pain in her body clearly told her that Di Fuyao had changed. She had completely changed into a different person!

She didn’t know if it was just an illusion, but she felt like there was somebody who was helping Di Fuyao! Otherwise, how could trash like that fight a Scarlet Lightning Cat?!


Suddenly, the Scarlet Lightning Cat let out a miserable shriek.

Everybody looked in the direction of the sound and saw a small hand, that was covered with wounds, holding the Scarlet Lightning Cat firmly.

The trash actually caught the three star Scarlet Lightning Cat with her bare hands!! This frightened everyone!

“Stop!” When the young girl dressed in green saw her contract beast being captured, she felt dizzy and the sky started to spin.

Di Fuyao gripped the Scarlet Lightning Cat’s neck and smiled. On that ugly and ghostly face was a bright, demonic smile. She looked so happy and good-natured.

“May I ask which young miss, who has a mouth stinkier than a ditch, called me a stinking pig?”

The girl dressed in green started to feel guilty and stuttered, “I… I….”

Her two eyes worriedly looked at the contract beast in that demon’s hands. This was the Scarlet Lightning Cat that her father captured from the Twilight Mountain Range with great difficulty. She had only made the contract with it half a month ago, and if something happened to her contract beast, then she would definitely also receive injuries.

“Do you want it to live? You know what to do right?”

Her calm and ridiculing tone sent chills down everyone’s backs.

The girl dressed in green got anxious and tried to say a spell to get her contract beast back.

Di Fuyao smiled and slowly increased her strength. The Scarlet Lightning cat struggled endlessly, and its screams were even more miserable.

Suddenly, a very strong aura came out from the darkness. Di Fuyao squinted her cold eyes and looked towards the darkness. However, she didn’t see a single soul, and it was as if it was just an illusion.

The girl dressed in green was both angry and impatient. Although she was unwilling to, she could only lower her arrogant head and say, “What do you want?”

“En…” Di Fuyao’s complexion was both serious and curious. “I have never heard what a stinking pig sounds like. How about you demonstrate it once for me?”

The girl dressed in green’s eyes opened wide in shock before she angrily said, “You are going too far with this!”

“When a contract beast dies, it brings its owner an indelible wound. What kind of wound is it? I am really curious!” There was a harmless smile on Di Fuyao’s face, but it made people feel a deep sense of coldness.

Suddenly, Di Fuling, who was off to the side, opened her mouth and coldly said, “Di Fuyao, do you know that this young miss here is the prized daughter of the Luo Family, Luo Feiyue?!” Her poisonous eyes seemed to carry traces of a threat, “If anything happens to Miss Luo, then even ten of you would not be enough to compensate the loss.”

The Luo Family and the Di Family have been friends for many years, and they have a very tight connection. However, what does this have anything to do with her?

“The person who invited Young Miss Luo here was you, so if something really did happen wouldn’t you, Fifth Sister, be the one who is in trouble?” said Di Fuyao with a face full of innocence.

Di Fuling’s face turned dark and was at a loss for words when she heard Di Fuyao’s clever and eloquent counterattack.

Who knew that Di Fuyao never intended to let her off. She smiled and said, “Since Young Miss Luo summoned her beloved contract beast for you, I believe that Fifth Sister and Young Miss Luo have a great friendship. If that’s the case, I’m sure Fifth Sister will do the same and tell me what a real stinking pig sounds like right?”

Di Fuling’s face turned even darker as she blurted out, “Di Fuyao, you are alreaday getting an inch but still asking for a mile! She voluntarily summoned her contract beast, so what does that have to do with me?! Why do I have to demonstrate what a stinking pig sounds like?!”

“Fuling…. You…” Luo Feiyue looked at her in disbelief before she said in a stern voice, “I summoned my contract beast because of you! Who would’ve thought that you, who I thought was my best friend, would actually treat me like this?! Di Fuling, you have greatly disappointed me!”

Di Fuling then hurriedly explained, “Feiyue you are my best friend! How could I let you face injustice?!

Luo Feiyue laughed coldly, “Alright, then help me get back my contract beast. I will trust your words after that!”


Ooooo……… trouble in friendship paradise? *looks on with shiny eyes*


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