Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 26.2



Chapter 26.2 :

If one’s strength becomes too obvious, then there would be many people jealous of her. She was not interested to find out what troubles would come her way.


She understood that one must conceal their power and only reveal it at the right times.


Listening to what he said, Di Fuyao calmed down. She used her thoughts to open her personal space.


She originally thought that she would be able to see beautiful scenery. Who knew that she would actually be greeted with a ten by five meter crop farm. The rest of her space was just a vast piece of white land. One could tell with one glance that it was a piece of land that has not been cultivated and was sealed.


Di Fuyao’s little face darkened. Sweat immediately started to drip down from her forehead when she saw the muddy black clay on the ground.


“Di Gouyou, come out. I promise that I won’t kill you.”


As it turns out, her personal space was just a piece of farmland. Don’t even talk about storing things here, even if she wanted to come here to cultivate, there wouldn’t be any space for her to set foot.


*cough cough* coughed Di Gouyou awkwardly, “Master, your personal space has lots of special characteristics.. haha…”


“You are getting happy too early. It’s fine, something is better than nothing.”


Di Fuyao revealed a slight smile, and she quickly accepted the cruel truth. Then she stepped onto the farmland.


The soil on the ground was gentle and soft. It was as if she was stepping on cotton. It felt as soft as a feather.


Di Fuyao was a bit startled. She crouched down and grabbed a handful of dirt to examine. She noticed that the soil here was very different from the soil in the outside world. This soil’s weight was incredibly soft, so light that one almost couldn’t feel it.


She then brought the soil up to her nose and gave it a sniff. Suddenly her eyes lit up, “It smells so nice!”


This fragrance could be comparable to the fragrance of a hundred flower blossoms. This fragrance helped refresh the mind naturally, and after one smelled it, one would feel very energized.


Di Gouyou’s shuddering voice then suggested, “Master, why don’t plant a random plant here and see what happens?”


Her body in the outside world then walked out of the cave and grabbed some dogtail grass before coming back inside her personal space.


Then Di Fuyao planted the dogtail grass on the soil. Moments later, the dogtail grass leveled up to its peak, and it was even emitting spirit essence.


Just by staying in this soil for a moment, a normal and common dogtail grass turned into a spirit grass that was full with spiritual energy!


“On my goodness….”


D Gouyou was immediately struck dumb.


This time, he didn’t even have to describe what had happened to Di Fuyao.


The farmland inside of her personal space was not just any farmland. Any plant that was planted on it would emit spiritual energy, increasing their effectiveness to the max.


Di Fuyao then squinted her eyes. If she uses the dogtail grass to make medicine, then would the medicine’s effectiveness also reach its peak?


This roller coaster like feeling made her unable to wait any longer. She was going to do exactly what she just thought, and she immediately ran down the mountain.


By the cave, Fu Jiu looked at her silhouette that was running far out. Then he sighed helplessly and retrieved his long sword that was stained with blood, “Why do you have to be so troublesome running to back and forth? Even though I am a man, I still get tired!”


He has just taken care of the few Falcon Army troops that came up the mountain. He had not gotten a chance to take a breath, and this little girl was running down the mountain again.


However, now he could take a breath because the Yan Water Jade had already turned into a useless piece of jade. Even if the Falcon Army has the sharpest eyes out of everyone, they would still not be able to sense the power of the Yan Water Jade.


Then Fu Jiu unhurriedly followed behind her. No matter how tired he was, he must do what his master ordered.


Crown Prince’s Manor.


Nangong Changqing sat on the main seat as a Falcon troop dressed in black, kneeled below. He then answered that the power of the Yan Water Jade has already disappeared and there was no ways for them to find it. Nangong Changqing’s cold eyes filled with a murderous aura as he trembled with rage.


“Useless! What do I need you guys for if you guys can’t even find a piece of jade?!”


The power of the Yan Water Jade had disappeared… This meant that it has already become a piece of useless jade, so even if they did find it, it would have no use anymore.


The Falcon troop’s head lowered even more. This was the first time they had failed a mission. Not only did they lose their pride, they were also disgraced.


It’s called read some transmigration and rebirth Chinese novels, Di Fuyao. Then, when you encounter a space situation like this, you’ll know exactly what to do with out any surprises.


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