Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 26.1



Chapter 26.1 : Space Master

Her little face then darkened, “What happened to the wood element?”


She was really interested in becoming a Pill Master, but just having the fire element would not be enough. She would also need the wood element in order to refine pills.


This was just like someone wanting to eat, but only having an empty bowl. How would they be able to eat like that?


Di Fuyao practiced a few more times again, but it ended in the fire element every single time. There were no signs of the wood element whatsoever.


“Could it be that my innate talent is only fire?”


She felt a bit defeated. An acquired talent requires simply luck to be learnt. Many people only have their innate talent til death. It would be harder to awaken any power of the other elements than to go into the heavens.




Suddenly, Di Gouyou’s wails came into her mind. The sound was so loud that Di Fuyao’s ears were in pain.


“What are you doing?!” asked Di Fuyao angrily.


“Mas… Master! I found out something really incredible!” said Di Gouyou, as he was so excited that he couldn’t control himself.


“What did you find out?”


Master, you are not just an fire element master!!” Because Di Gouyou was so excited, his voice started to stutter, “Space Master! You are a space master! A one in a hundred years Space Master!”


After he finished speaking, he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He started to excitedly continuously wail.


Di Fuyao raised her brows and calmly asked, “Is a Space Master really that awesome?”


The memories that the owner of the original body left were too little. She knew barely anything about this strange world. There were many things she didn’t understand about this fantasy world, so Di Gouyou being excited about her being a Space Master was strange phenomenon to her.


Di Gouyou then sadly said, “Master, a Space Master carries a new world with them. In this world, you can do whatever you want. Being able to store every object inside this world is the weakest use of it. A Space Master could also forge a ring that have space in them. That was the most basic function. If a Space Master’s cultivation is high enough, they could even travel to any part of the continent as they wish. The most powerful ones could even travel through time itself! They could travel to space freely, and they be in their world without worrying about time. Space Masters could also enter the world with their spirits and cultivate…”


“Space Masters have already disappeared for a few hundred years! In my time, I have only seen one Space master, and that Space Master was honored like a god!”


There was just too many pros for him to even list!


How could master still waste her skills and keep a calm expression?!


“Then what about the wood element? I want the wood element.” Di Fuyao’s words made Di Gouyou want to spit out blood.


If she had not been his owner, Di Gouyou would go out there and choke her to death.


“Master, a Space Master is a Space master because their spirit was already incredibly powerful. They are so powerful that they don’t need the weak wood element.” said Di Gouyou as he wanted to cry.


Something that normal people would probably not received even after praying for ten life times was actually neglected by Master? She even only wanted the wood element?


If the Di Family knew that master was not only not a waste, but was a genius that could only be seen in a hundred years, they would probably be really regretting their decisions. They mistook a pearl for a fish eye. A waste that was going to be disposed of by their family was actually a genius. Who knows how much they will be regretting.


Di Fuyao embarrassingly laughed a few times before saying, “I’m not familiar with this world, so I don’t know any of this. How do you open the world?”


“Concentrate your spirit to open it.” said Di Gouyou seriously, “Master, you mustn’t tell anyone else that you are a Space Master. Or else you will be facing many disasters.”


A Space Master was worth more than a high level element master. Once the news  leaks out, many clans and factions would come up to her to recruit her.


There were many geniuses in the world that had people wanting to kill them.


“I know. Before I completely master the element, I will not say anything about it.”


If I had the Space Element, I wouldn’t need to go to school…….


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