Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 25.2



Chapter 25.2 :


“This is….” said Di Fuyao as she was looking at the things happening in front of her. Intense beams of light suddenly appeared in front of her. It was as if this was the final flash of the sun. She quickly hopped up from the ground.


The lights hovered around in the air for a while before they all flew back into her body.


At that moment, Di Fuyao’s spirit was glowing with health and vigor. The pain that the Bone Cleansing Pill brought her all disappeared, and her whole body felt graceful and relaxed. It was really refreshing.


Di Gouyou happily said, “This has not opened your innate talent yet. So far, you still have no power to attack or defend. The next step will depend on the Yan Water Jade.


He was even more excited than Di Fuyao. Di Fuyao had a calm and straight face as she stared at the Yan Water Jade and said, “Do I just absorb it?”


“Yes. There is an excessive amount of pure energy in the Yan Water Jade, so Master mustn’t absorb it too quickly. Just absorb it at a steady pace.”


Don’t try to run before you can walk, she understood this.


Di Fuyao closed her eyes, placed her hand over the Yan Water Jade, and started to gather the energy of the Yan Water Jade.


The flame inside of the Yan Water Jade was the purest energy.


She absorbed only a little bit earlier, and she had already felt the power rush into her body. It was like fire traveling in her body.


However, compared to the great pain that the Bone Cleansing Pill, this burning feeling was nothing.


Di Fuyao’s expressions were tranquill. Her eyes were closed, and she continued to absorb the energy of the Yan Water Jade slowly.


When the pure energy reached her qi center, there was an obstacle. It was as if there was a wall stopping the energy from passing.


“This is probably the seal.”


Di Fuyao’s heart felt cold. The person who sealed her innate power sure had a poisonous heart. They even placed the seal right where her qi center was! Even if her meridian channels were not blocked, the power of elements would never be able to reach her qi center and turn into stored energy.


She hurriedly concentrated on absorbing more pure energy from the Yan Water Jade. She then gathered more and more of the pure energy near the seal.


As the power of the flooding energy increased and turned more powerful, even the most powerful blocks would be broken.


As expected, when the she finished absorbing the energy from the Yan Water Jade, the seal was not able to withstand against so much pure energy, and it immediately broke.


When the energy entered her qi center, it was like water moisturising dry land.


Di Fuyao felt that every pore on her whole body opened up, and it felt extremely satisfying.


Di Gouyou then let out a sigh and started to talk to himself, “The pure energy could aid in the process of a fire element master’s cultivation. It was a treasure to all fire element masters! If I received something like this before, then i would’ve leveled up a long time ago!


He felt envious but he also wanted to smile. This piece of treasure that could be used for many things was used by Master to break her seal. This was so wasteful that no one would believe it!


Correct, the Yan Water Jade was only used by Di Fuyao to break her seal, and none of it turned into energy that she could actually use.


“How do I know what element attributes I have?”


Even though her innate talent was opened, Di Fuyao still felt doubtful.


Element attributes were split into inborn and acquired. This was her first time cultivating her innate talent, so she would be counted as inborn right?


Inborn elements are from passed down from parents. As for how to check, she doesn’t know.


Di Gouyou then laughed, “Master, this is a simple task. All you have to do is concentrate your energy and send out a burst of light.”


Listening to his advice, Di Fuyao concentrated on her energy, waved her hand, and a red light came out of her palm. Then the light turned into a small flame in air.


The flames only ignited for a short period of time. It felt like it only burned for a few seconds, but it still made Di Fuyao surprisingly happy.


“Fire element?”


Normally, when you first receive your element powers, they wouldn’t be strong at all. To do what Di Fuyao just did, then you would have to cultivate.


Di Fuyao thought for a bit, and then she waved her hand again. Once again, a red beam of light appeared out of her palm, and the fire ignited for a few seconds longer than the last time.


Another genius is born….


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