Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 25.1



Chapter 25.1 : Bone Cleansing Pill

“Little thief, if you don’t want to die, then return the keys. Or else, I will throw you into the furnace and refine you with the pills!”


His eyes were filled with hate, and then suddenly  his face froze.


He only saw Di Fuling let out a move. Uh… no, it should be Di Fuling let out a leg.


Her leg gracefully swept over to the furnace. The furnace shook after she kicked it, and it seemed like it was going to collapse.


Di Yaotian’s face suddenly turned pale.


He quickly ran forward, but who would of thought that Di Fuyao would run through a little gap and leave the refinery room.


After seeing his keys being stolen, Di Yaotian really wanted to chase the thief outside. However, he was helpless because the pill in the furnace was almost finished refining. If he left now, then he will lose all of this progress. He gritted his teeth and chose to finish refining the pill.


After Di Yaotian finished refining the pill, he took in a deep breath and then he happily said, “Thank goodness! At least the Mystical Beast pills are in his hands now.”


When he opened the furnace and looked inside, his face froze again.


The ingredients were all refined into a pill, but because his state of mind was disrupted, even the Dragon Spirit Grass was not able make the quality of the pill 50%. To put it simply, he failed.


Not only did his keys get stolen under his eyes, he also failed to refine his pill. This meant that not only did he lose the Mystical Beast Pill, he also lost a precious Dragon Spirit Grass.


Di Yaotian was angry to the point of almost spitting out blood.


When he remembered about his stolen keys, he ran out of the refinery room angrily. However, Di Fuyao had already stolen several ingredients form the storage room and had already disappeared without a trace.


In order to not let Di Yaotian be suspicious that her goal was the Bone Cleansing Pills, she purposefully grabbed a bunch of other pills. After she finished grabbing all the pills, she threw the keys into the pond near the garden.


At this moment, Di Gouyou felt surprised, “Master, why did you throw away the keys? Couldn’t you keep it for next time?”


“Are you stupid? If Di Yaotian doesn’t do anything about the lost keys, then he wouldn’t have the  title of Di Family head for no reason.” Di Fuyao laughed. If the lock to the refinery room changed, then it would be useless to have keys that couldn’t open anything. It was better to throw them away.


She was right. After Di Yaotian had failed to catch up to her, the first thing he did was search every corner of the storage room for the keys. He even ordered guards to help.


Because the loss was disastrous, Di Yaotian was beyond furious the whole day. The only thing he wanted was for the person who stole his keys and made him fail refining his pill to come out. Momentarily, he had forgotten that he could have used his time wisely and refine another pill, but instead, he stood there waiting for the person to come back.


While he was waiting for her to return to steal again, Di Fuyao was already at the cave eating the Bone Cleansing Pill.


Before she ate it, Di Gouyou warned her that it would be very painful.


However, Di Fuyao never thought that it would this painful!


The Bone Cleaning Pill didn’t bring just pain, it brought great pain. It caused her whole body to shudder, and her teeth violently gnashed together.


A body that has not been cultivating for many years was like an old broken machine. If you wanted it to start, then you must pay the price for not using it in so long.


Pain, great pain was the price.


A scorching feeling ran through her four limbs and all hundred of her bones. The pain was so great that it made her unable to withstand it.


Di Fuyao twisted her body and landed on the ground. Her face was very pale, it looked as if it didn’t  have a single drop of blood in there. Her whole body was soaked with sweat. She was in so much pain that even moving a little bit would cause extreme anguish  to her whole body.


“Master, how about you give up on this.” Said Di Gouyou as he couldn’t stand watching her anymore.




Because this was a determination from her heart, something that she decided from the beginning, her pride would not allow her to give up.


Because of her cold arrogance, she would never give up!


She had long forgotten about the time and how long the pain had lasted. Her whole body was half conscious, and the pain had already numbed her body.


A faint sound of Di Gouyou cheering entered her mind, “Success! Success!”


Di Fuyao slowly opened her eyes just to see many steaks of white light flying out of her body, lighting up the whole cave.


I have super low pain tolerance, so I’d probably just give up. #weak


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