Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 24.2



Chapter 24.2 : Searching

Fu Jiu sighed and followed her down the mountain.

Who made this little girl’s life so lucky to the point that the master would take interest in her? Even if there was a terrible disaster, he would still have to secretly protect her.


Or else, with his master’s personality, his master would definitely peel off a layer of his skin.


Di Family, Pill Refinery Room.


Di Yaotian had already ordered that no one was allowed to disturb him while he was in the Pill Refinery Room. Yunshi had also ordered all of the servants to not go near the Pill Refinery Room.


All of the servants naturally followed the orders, but Di Fuyao was a person that didn’t like to be controlled. In one day’s time, she had already come here twice. No one noticed her both times.


This time, she disguised herself before going in. She used the cloak that Ye Chongyuan gave her, and she also covered her face.


In the large Pill Refinery Room, only the refinery room that Di Yaotian was in had sounds of activity. Di Fuyao quietly sneaked to the doors.


Because Di Yaotian forgot to bring the Dragon Spirit Grass and went back to grab it, she accidently didn’t shut the door entirely and only pulled it. This left a small strip open, and it was just enough for Di Fuyao to make out what was happening in there. She saw that Di Yaotian’s back was to her, and he was very seriously refining the pill.


When refining a pill, you must control the fire. You also have to constantly check on the shape of the pill.


An amatuer would think that it looks easy, but in reality, it was really hard.


Di Yaotian had already gotten to the most important stage of pill refining. Now, he had to concentrate all of his attention on the pill’s shape, making the pill combine into one.


He normally had a lot of confidence in himself when refining pills, but this time was different. If he didn’t refine this pill, he would lose the Mystical Beast Pill, so he had to refine this pill with all of his attention and be very careful.


He was afraid that one tiny mistake would cause the Mystical Beast Pill that was already in his hands to disappear.


The wood and fire elements constantly flowed out of Di Yaotian’s hands. The red beams of light and green beams of light mixing together and going into the furnace could be seen with the naked eye.


He was so concentrated that he didn’t even noticed that Di Fuyao had already snuck up behind him as he continued to work on refining the pill.


Di Fuyao carefully looked all over Di Yaotian’s back, and then she saw the keys on a table off to the side.


Her eyes lit up, and she ran to the table. She reached out with her fast hands to grab the keys from the table in his line of sight.


Di Yaotian never thought that someone would have the guts to steal from the Di Family under his eye. He was startled and frightened at the same time.


“Thief! You even dare to steal from the Di Family. Do you want to die?! Firewalls trap him!”


Di Fuyao screamed loudly, and the wall suddenly lit up with fire, stopping Di Fuyao from escaping.


The heat waves from the raging flames on the walls did not affect Di Fuyao at all. Her cold eyes angrily glared at Di Yaotian’s face, and the corners of her mouth slowly curved upwards.


Old man, you owe your forth daughter so much. I am just taking back what should belong to me.


“Thief, if you give me back the keys, I will spare your life!” said Di Yaotian furiously. He stared at the keys in the thief’s hands, thinking that the wall of fire would be able to contain her.


Di Fuyao didn’t speak. Her eyes looked at the refinery furnace off to the side.


The pill in the furnace was about to be refined. Di Yaotian had only used two levels of strength to deal with her because he was not able to take his mind off of refining the pill. If he did take his mind off of it, then everything he did would be wasted.


There was nothing she was afraid of, so why would she be frightened by his threat?


“Old man, how about I give you a big gift?” said Di Fuyao purposefully in a deep and hoarse voice. A blood thirsty smile then appeared on her yin-yang ghost face.


It was sad that Di Yaotian was not able to see her face. However, he could sense her blood thirstiness from her eyes.


If fire suddenly spouted out of the walls, I would probably be screaming hysterically… BULTAOREUNE


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