Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 24.1



Chapter 24.1 : Searching

He suddenly understood what had happened. The Little Xiazi who was giving him a bath earlier was not the real Little Xiazi. Not only did this person trick a member of the Royal Family, but they had also stolen the Yan Water Jade.


When he remembered back to  to this person’s hands rubbing against his back, Nangong Changqing felt a burst of blood in his heart.


“Crown Prince?” When Xia Ziqi saw the crown prince’s face, he began to feel terrified. Could it be that the Crown Prince was angry because he was late?


Nangong Changqing’s thin lips pursed into a line. His aura was terrifying. After a few long moments, he opened and ordered, “Falcon Army I order you to all come out! You must find the thief who stole the Yan Water Jade. If they are alive, I want to see the person, and if they are dead, I want to see the corpse!”


His words had just been stated but yet, many shadows had spreaded out from the Crown Prince’s Manor. Under the night sky, they were all over the imperial city.


Xia Ziqi’s eyes widened, and he had an expression of great terror.


The Falcon Army was an army under the hands of the Crown Prince and  were all very powerful investigators. The Falcon Army’s movements have always been mysterious, however,  their skill to gather information was the absolute best in the whole Kingdom. They were widely known for their speed and keenness. Normally, the Crown Prince would never use the Falcon Army to do anything. The first time that he used it, was because of the lost Yan Water Jade many years ago. Who would expect that he would use the Falcon Army for the second time because of the Yan Water Jade again?


While the whole imperial city was full of the Falcon Army, Di Fuyao refused Ye Chongyuan’s offer and decided to stay in a cave at the mountain behind the Di Manor.


She wanted to avoid everyone in the Di Family, so she searched for a quiet place that had no disturbances. As for the little old room and the pig shack, she would never go there again. When she thought about it, the only decent place would be the cave that the original owner had been in to dig up tree roots.


The cave was not large and not small, it was just enough for her to rest.


Di Fuyao sat down with her legs crossed and took out the Yan Water Jade. Then she excitedly asked Di Gouyou, “How do I absorb the pure energy from the Yan Water jade?”


Such a mysterious and magical thing. This was her first time doing something this magical, so she didn’t know anything.


She looked at the raging flame inside of the Yan Water Jade, and her heart also burned along with the flame.


However, Di Gouyou had just demolished her hopes with his next statement, “Master, because that your innate talent was sealed, your channels have already clogged up due to you abandoning cultivation. You will be unable to absorb the pureness of the Yan Water Jade.”


Di Fuyao’s mouth twitched and she wanted to kick him, “Why did you not say this earlier?”


“Because I forgot!” replied Di Gouyou helplessly.


Di Fuyao felt very hopeless. So what if she had the Yan Water Jade? She still wouldn’t be able to absorb it. She has wasted all this energy for nothing.


‘Master, you did not waste your energy for nothing. There is still another way!” said Di Gouyou, giving a piece of candy after pouring cold water on Di Fuyao, “Even though clogged channels are a serious problem, you can use a Bone Cleansing Pill to unclog your channels!”


Di Fuyao’s eyes suddenly lit up with hope, “Really?!”


“Truer than a pearl!” said Di Gouyou, “There are Bone Cleansing Pills in the medical storage of Di Manor, but you will need a key to open the doors.”


Di Fuyao squinted her eyes. The keys would naturally be in the hands of Di Yu Tian.


She knew that when one was refining a pill, they had to give it all of their attention. Even a little tiny mistake could cause the refining process to fail. If the problem was serious, then the whole refinery room could possibly blow up.


At this moment, Di Yaotian was busy refining the pill that Nangong Changqing wanted. He would definitely not have time to care about things happening around him, and definitely won’t lend a hand.


“Let’s go Di Gouyou. I will bring you out to play!” said Di Fuyao as she had an evil smile on her face. She put the Yan Water Jade away and started to go down the mountain, towards the refinery room.


RIght after she left, a person appeared from the shadows behind her. He was handsome and his expressions were cold and stern. This person was, Fu Jiu, he was left behind by Ye Chongyuan to watch over Di Fuyao.


Fu Jiu looked at the slender figure that was walking away and furrowed his brows, “The Falcon Army is all over the Imperial City, yet you still dare to walk around carrying the Yan Water Jade so leisurely. There will be a big disaster waiting for you!”


Fu Jiu, you forgot… She’s the main character and this is only Chapter 24… How could she not get out of this disaster?


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