Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 23.2



Chapter 23.2 : Escape

Di Fuyao let out a smile and looked at his handsome face. “Who cares about your identity? However, I still have to thank you for helping me.”


If she did not have this evildoer to help her, she would probably have to put in a lot of effort in order to dodge all of those powerful guards.


“That’s it?” Ye Chongyuan’s face showed signs of disappointment, “I did such a big favor for you and all you have to say is thank you?”


“Then what do you want?” Di Fuyao coldly swept him a look and then cautiously said, “I am not selling my body!”


Ye Chongyuan let out a sly smile, “You little girl have not fully grown up yet, so what would I want your body for? However, since I did such a huge favor for Yaoyao, I should receive something. For example, a kiss.”


“In your dreams!”


Di Fuyao suddenly felt weak.


Had this evildoer set a trap for her long ago?


“Hey, are you not scared of me?” Di Fuyao moved her yin-yang ghost face in front of his face. She blinked her eyes curiously.


Ye Chongyuan looked at her bright amber eyes that were like crystals and smiled while saying, “Scared of you for what?”


“Everyone says that I am the number one ugly female. My yin-yang ghost face that could scare someone to death.” said Di Fuyao calmly.


She would not believe that such a perfect man like him would not care about a female’s look when it was this ugly.


However, she really did underestimate him.


Once Ye Chongyuan heard her words, he raised his brows and smiled, “Frivolous people only look at the outer appearance. I have such a great amount of inner qualities, so of course I would only look at the inner beauty.”


These words roused up Di Fuyao’s interest. She smiled and asked, “Then how am I beautiful internally?”


Ye Chongyuan acted as if he thought about it really hard and then wanted to say something but was hesitant, “Does Yaoyao really wants to know?”




“The ground grew a little bun.”

(TN : Basically, talking about her chest)


Di Fuyao’s mouth twitched. Her hand flew out and slapped the evildoer’s face.


“Ye Chongyuan, you old pervert!!!”


He was purposefully talking about her unpresentable and very pitiful little buns

(TN: Little buns was pointing to her chest)


He was too two-faced and poisoned tongued!


“It’s fine, it’s fine.” comforted Ye Chongyuan as he laughed. His eyes were full of craftiness, “As long as I am here, the little bun could still have a second chance to grow. Yaoyao doesn’t have to blame herself.”


Di Fuyao looked at him with a dark face as she was saying, “What about your face? You don’t care about your face?”


“I don’t want the face, I just want you.” Ye Chongyuan said shamelessly.


Di Fuyao was really defeated by him. This demon’s shamelessness has already surpassed the heavens.


Not long after they left, Nangong Changqing woke up from the hot spring, gasping for breath. After he got out of the hot spring, he noticed that his precious Yan Water Jade had disappeared.


Nangong Changqing furrowed his brows. He jumped into the hot spring and tried to find it. He looked for it many times and he still didn’t see any traces of his Yan Water Jade. His cold handsome face suddenly turned gloomy.


“Little Xiazi!”


His deep and cold voice clearly resounded through the Crown Prince’s Manor.


Not long after that, a handsome looking teenager hurriedly grabbed the equipment used for bathing and ran into the room. When he saw the extremely dark and angry expression on Nangong Changqing’s face, he was terrified and hurriedly explained, “Your Highness Crown Prince, I went to grab some vapor essence oil, so I arrived late. Please don’t be angry, I will immediately help you take a bath.”


His voice was like a mountain spring, a voice that was pure. It was clear and nice on the ears.


If Di Fuyao heard what Little Xiazi really sounded like, she would have hide her face in embarrassment. To associate such a clean and beautiful young boy to an effeminate eunuch, no wonder Nangong Changqing would think that something was wrong with Little Xiazi’s voice.


Nangong Changqing saw that Little Xiazi’s beautiful face was filled with terror when he ran over hurriedly and his face darkened even more, like the night sky before a storm.


Is this what they call… traps?


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