Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 23.1


Chapter 23.1 : Strategy

“It’s the Yan Water Jade!”


Di Fuyao’s heart felt very surprised. She had already found the Yan Water Jade so easily!


She tiptoed over to his side. Right when she was about to steal it from him, she observed  Nangong Changqing’s whole body was being covered within an ice blue light. The cold light quickly covered over his entire body. Within  a split second, he was covered by a layer of ice, it seemed as if he had been frozen by the ice.  His brows furrowed, and he quickly grabbed the Yan Water Jade back into his hand. The clash between ice and fire allowed  his face return to its original color.


After the cold air retreated, Nangong Changqing collapsed.


This was a good chance! Di Fuyao stared at the Yan Water Jade and reached out her hands.


“Master, this person’s Yang spirit is very high. Hurry up and go at him!” At this moment, the voice of Di Gouyou appeared in her mind. When she heard that, she stumbled a bit and almost fell into the hot spring.


“Di Gouyou, shut up!”


At the most crucial time, she had almost failed due to the lack of final effort.


Nangong Changqing’s eyes remained closed and seemed to have fallen into a deep slumber. The Yan Water Jade on his palm was sending lots of luring signals. Di Fuyao gulped down a mouthful of saliva. My baby, I will bring you home immediately!


Her hands reached out slowly and grabbed onto the red string. Just as she was about to grab the jade, an exasperated and demonic voice rang into her ears, “Yaoyao, how could you touch another man?!”


When she heard the voice suddenly ring out, she quickly retracted her hands guiltily. She then she subconsciously looked towards the person who had said those words, she saw that demon, Ye Chongtian, standing at the entrance. His handsome face seemed to be aggrieved. His beautiful, black phoenix eyes showed signs of bitterness. It seemed as if he was accusing her of something. You haven’t even touched your little husband yet. How could you touch someone else first?!”


Just as she was about to open her mouth to refute,  suddenly a hand appeared from the hot spring and dragged her down, causing her to crash into the water.


Di Fuyao suddenly swallowed a few mouthfuls of water and widened her eyes. She then saw that Nangong  Changqing was holding tightly onto her hand. However, his eyes were closed with furrowed brows. It was as if he had unconsciously pulled her in.




Di Fuyao knew  in her heart that whenever he opened his eyes, he would figure out that she was not the real little Xiazi. So she used all her strength and tried to escape his grasp.


The large hands that had locked onto hers were very cold. They were as cold as a piece of ice, causing her to feel a type of coldness from the bottom of her heart.


She thought to herself for a moment. Nangong Changqing was an ice element master, so it should have been pretty normal for his body to be covered in ice, right?!


Di Fuyao wanted to end the battle quickly, so she grabbed his large hand and took the Yan Water Jade from his palm.


She had not yet begun to swim up to the surface of the water. Suddenly, a shadow flashed by her eyes, and her waist was suddenly grabbed by a strong hand. Her whole body then floated up to the surface.


Ye Chongyuan’s hands on her waist had tightened a bit. Only after he saw that she was fine did he reveal a smile and say, “Stupid girl, how can you still go in there like that?”


“You’re the stupid one! What I did was called a strategy!” said Di Fuyao as she proudly waved the Yan Water Jade around.


Ye Chongyuan looked at her, laughed, and then brought her out of the Crown Prince’s Manor.


He seemed to have come in here very relaxed, and he left here very relaxed. Di Fuyao couldn’t help but curiously ask, “What do you do for a living? How are you so powerful?”


“Yaoyao, guess. Guess what I do for a living.” said Ye Chongyuan as his brows loosened. He laughed, and threw the question back at her. His eyes carried a sense of anticipation in what she would say.


Di Fuyao thought for a bit and seriously said, “Your clothing are all sumptuous and luxurious. Your cuffs also have silver flower designs that would only be available for highborns. That is not the style of Nan Xuan Kingdom. The style seemed more fitting for the Bei Cha Kingdom. This could prove that you are from Bei Cha and your identity is not simple. You are not from a normal family, so are you a King or Prince?”.


Ye Chongyuan lowered his head to look at her, and his eyes lit up.


This little girl’s insight skills were pretty good.


“Did I guess right?” asked Di Fuyao joyfully.


Ye Chongyuan then slowly said, “It’s close enough. However, if Yaoyao knows about my identity, then you might be scared.”


When Ye Chongyuan has been neglected by his little wife…


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