Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 22.1



Chapter 22.1 : To Covet

Under the clear silent night, only the sounds of her swallowing her saliva could be heard.


“Yaoyao, calm down. There are many things  that you are not supposed to do in midair.” said Ye Chongyuan in a righteous manner, he spoke as if he were a nobleman. However, his words had contained underlying  meanings.


Di Fuyao’s face had turned fully red from being exposed.


Stupid guy…. She never longed for his looks. She had only thought that he had looked really handsome. Wait.. no… It was only in this situation. Under the light from the stars, there was a handsome guy beside her. It was a pleasing sight to see, so if she didn’t admire  it then it would be such a waste.


Since she had been caught, she dropped her bashful act and widened her eyes whilst confidently gazing along his face.


After analysing his face, she found that this demon had actually looked really handsome. His black phoenix eyes, tall nose bridge, and thin red lips were all very appealing. Even his skin was glowing white to the point where a female would get jealous.


Di Fuyao then calmed her mind and retracted her gaze. Afterwards, she watched  the scenery below her.


The Nan Xuan Kingdom was brightly lit, and made a beautiful scene from above.


Ye Chongyuan’s flying speed was not fast, but it was not slow either. Perhaps  he was purposefully flying slowly so that she could enjoy the scenery.


Who would have thought  that Di Fuyao would spoil the fun by saying, “How long do we still have to fly for?”


“You don’t like it?” asked Ye Chongyuan whilst raising his brows.


“The lights are not that beautiful to look at.” snorted Di Fuyao disdainfully. Compared to this scenery, she would rather work to regain her innate talent. The ability to form sparks from would be even more beautiful.


Ye Chongyuan lightly laughed, his laughter was splendid and brightened up the mood.  The curve of his smile turned more beautiful as time passed.


All girls loved beautiful things, but Yaoyao didn’t. She really was an interesting person.


Soon, he carried her and arrived at the Crown Prince’s Manor.


Di Fuyao didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Ye Chongyuan seemed to know the Crown Prince’s Manor very well. He was moving around the Manor as if he came  here very often.


“There are many expert guards guarding the Crown Prince’s Manor. I will lure them away first, and then you can wait for me in there” warned Ye Chongyuan as he hid her in a large flower pot.


Di Fuyao nodded her head and said, “be careful.”


“Alright” said Ye Chongtian whilst his clear and sharp eyes smiled. Then after a few moments, he turned around and left.


His figure was extremely fast and had disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Immediately after that, Di Fuyao felt a thick murderous spirit from the inner palace and in the darkness, a figure could be seen dashing towards the main hall.


She then held her breath and calmed her spirit. After that, she jumped out of the large flower pot. Her gaze swept over her surroundings, and then she opened the doors once she didn’t see any problems.


The reason why she was so daring was because there was no light lit, which meant that there was no one in here.


Di Fuyao relaxed her heart, and then swiftly moved under the night sky. She began to look for Nangong Changqing’s treasure, Yan Water Jade.


She looked in his drawers and under his bed, but she did not find anything.


She then stared off into space and started thinking. Normally something precious would either be kept on their person or in a safe location.


In the inner palace, Di Fuyao could see that there was a jade dragon screen, and began touching it all over. Suddenly, when she touched the whiskers of the dragon, she heard a sound. The whole screen started to turn and Di Fuyao was thrown into a room, catching her off guard.


Her head smashed into a hard rock, and Di Fuyao screamed out of pain.


“Is this little Xiazi?” A clear, but cold voice that didn’t lack dignity rang out.


This was the voice of Nangong Changqing!


Di Fuyao was shocked and instantly her vision became clearer. She could clearly see her surroundings and saw that behind the screen was a hallway that was several meters long. She could hear the sounds of flowing water at the end of the long hallway but when she turned around to leave, she wasn’t able to find the mechanism again.


“Is this little Xiazi?” asked Nangong Changqing, his cold voice could be heard all the way through the hall.

“Yes~” answered Di Fuyao with a tapered voice.


You’re not the only one who thinks Ye Chongyuan is handsome… Well, if I could see him, that is.


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