Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 21.2



Chapter 21.2 : Scheming

That demon sure wasn’t bragging about his moves.


Di Fuyao acted as if she didn’t understand and said, “It only needs a pure Yang spirit?”


The rest of the conversation with Di Guoyou was spoken telepathically. Even if he was stalking her, it would not be possible for him to hear the full conversation.


However, this proved that he has heard the entire conversation, because a pure spirit could remove her seal.


“I have it. All you have to do is sleep with me.”


The words that Ye Chongyuan let out of his mouth so easily almost made Di Fuyao start cussing again. “Oh sh*t, this person is really shameless. Master, you must not believe him!”


How would Di Fuyao be so stupid? She rolled her eyes towards him, ignored him, and then started to walk away.


“What I said is the truth! If it is not because it is for you, I wouldn’t even want to part with it!” said Ye Chongyuan as his smile revealed a sense of playfulness. His face showed a different expression as if he was finding this choice difficult. Then he happily said, “Are you interested?”


Di Fuyao raised her brows. Her eyes were calm and she glared at him, “Not. Interested.”


She walked a few steps, stopped, and then said, “If you truly did find a pure Yang object for me, then I will thank you. However, if not, then don’t come here to play with me. I am not a toy.”


Ye Chongyuan’s eyes flashed with interest. This little girl surely was clever. He didn’t speak clearly, but she was able to see through his words and tell his intentions.


“I do know a place that has an pure Yang item to help you remove your seal.”


Di Fuyao’s heart suddenly jumped. As expected…


She didn’t change any expressions on her face as she turned around and said, “Speak. Where is it?”


Ye Chongyuan looked into her pair of amber eyes and the playfulness in his heart disappeared. He then seriously said, “The Crown Prince of Nan Xuan has a Yan Water Jade that can remove your seal.”


“Yan Water Jade?” asked Di Fuyao curiously. She searched in the memory of the body’s original owner and found out that the Yan Water Jade was Nangong Changqing’s treasure. He had lost it once and ordered the entire Nan Xuan Empire to search for it. Even her little crappy shack was not let off. They searched everywhere and everything was a mess. At the end, they finally found the jade after all the chaos.


The Crown Prince’s Palace was heavily guarded. If she wanted to go in there, it wouldn’t be an easy task to do.


“Why does little wife have to worry about this? You have me, so everything is fine.” Ye Chongyuan was smiling, sending her all kinds of flirtatious signals.


Di Fuyao’s small face darkened, “It is not right for you to keep calling me little wife. Don’t you feel that it is too sickening? Plus, little wife is a term used to address concubines. I want to be a main wife!”


“Oh, then I can change it. How about little Fuyao?” suggested Ye Chongyuan with full interest.


Di Fuyao’s whole body shivered, and her goosebumps started to rise up.


“Yaoyao?” said Ye Chongyuan without waiting for her to reply. He rubbed his slender pale fingers on his chin. Then he nodded his head and decided that this was the nickname he will call her from now on, “En, I will call you Yaoyao from now on.”


“Whatever, Er Gouzi”


Ye Chongyuan was not angry and instead laughed. A pair of flirtatious and beautiful eyes continued to stare at her.


Di Fuyao was getting extremely uncomfortable from being stared at by Ye Chongyuan. Then she braced herself and screamed, “What are you staring at?! If you keep staring at me, I will carve out your eyes!”


“En, you are still my angry and bold Yaoyao.” Ye Chongyuan raised his brow, smiling flirtatiously.


This person’s shamelessness was unbearable for Di Fuyao to deal with. She couldn’t bear it anymore!


Di Fuyao originally wanted to go to the Crown Prince’s Palace to acquire information first. Who knew that Ye Chongyuan would grab her and fly into the skies.


His arms were very strong as they wrapped around her waist. It didn’t hurt her; instead, it felt quite nice.


Below the night skies, the perfect curves of his face looked even more beautiful. His silhouette was extremely enchanting and charming to look at. The breeze flew by lightly, carrying his smooth silky clothes. His thin red lips formed a graceful line that was comfortable to look at.


Di Fuyao couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.


Same Di Fuyao, same. Well, that’s if I ever met a guy like Ye Chongyuan…


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