Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 21.1



Chapter 21.1 : Scheming

Di Fuyao shivered a bit. She already knew who the person was without having to turn around.


However, she acted like she didn’t hear anything and continued to walk.


“You haven’t seen me for one day, so are you angry at me?” Asked a demonic voice, as he followed her like a shadow.


Di Fuyao then rolled her eyes at him and retorted, “What are you counted as? How could you be worthy enough for me to get angry?”


Ye Chongyuan didn’t speak, and instead, he laughed. His laugh was vivid and clear.


When she took a step, he had also taken a step. The two of them, one walking in front and one behind, had strolled around the area.


The moonlight was illuminating light all over the area and caused her slender body to cast a shadow. Di Fuyao curiously looked behind her, and she saw Ye Chongyuan stepping on her shadow. He was walking confidently and pleased. Not one step had missed stepping on her shadow’s head.


“Stupid!” Di Fuyao was now furious. Stepping on her shadow was basically like stepping on her. How could an assassin’s dignity be provoked like this?!


She clenched her hand, and formed a fist. Then suddenly, she furiously threw her fist outwards like a tiger that had been asleep for many years, it was powerful and fierce.


Ye Chongyuan didn’t move, and did not feel scared. Instead, his handsome and flawless face expressed an alluring smile. He did not step back at all, he had stepped forward instead to confront her. He had reached his two hands, captured her soft hand and gave it a tug.     


“This move again?!” asked Ye Chongyuan in a mocking voice. Di Fuyao then immediately understood his intentions from his perverted expression. Without saying another word, she swept her legs and aimed for his lower body.


A sly smile formed on Ye Chongyuan’s face, his face resembled an old cunning fox and replied, “See, you are angry. This proves that I am counted as great. It looks like I am also taking up a large spot in this little girl’s heart.”


“Shameless! Giving false arguments!” Di Fuyao yelled at him furiously. Did he still want his face?


“Little girl, I am here to help you. How could you want to hurt your little husband? You are making my heart feel very sad.” said Ye Chongyuan whilst he was acting pitiful. People who didn’t understands the situation would really think that it was her that was bullying him!


Di Fuyao heard and understood the meaning behind Ye Chongyuan’s words. She pursed her lips and then slightly squinted her eyes whilst asking, “You saw everything?”


Did he know everything about what had happened with the cauldron?


“That cauldron could be counted as okay” said Ye Chongyuan with a meaningful laugh.


“What do you mean counted as okay? I am great!”  Di Gouyou angrilly retorted in her mind.


Di Fuyao’s eyes turned cold, “Who allowed you to stalk me?! Who are you to me?!”


She had originally thought that this guy had just  come here because his route was along this area. Who knew that he would have so many thoughts to tell her?!


Seeing that the little girl had become more alert and guarded against him, he felt a tinge of bitterness, “I am not a thief, so you do not have to look at me so cautiously. I am only here to help you undo your seal.”


He had only been provoked by a sudden impulse, so he ordered Fu Jiu to investigate this little girl’s background. However, what he had found out about her really made him surprised. This game of theirs had suddenly gotten more interesting and made him more willing to play.


Di Fuyao then calmed herself and continued to stare at him cautiously. It looked like he had already thoroughly investigated her.


It had only been one day. His investigation speed was unbelievably fast! To be able to thoroughly investigate someone in such a short time frame was extremely impressive.


Such a dangerous person… If she let him remain by her side, then it may not necessarily be a good thing.


Such a naturally born insight could not help but make Di Fuyao doubt him.  Did this devil have something that he was trying to attempt?


“Speak, what do you want?”


Her words were direct and concise.


Ye Chongyuan had already anticipated this question, so he raised his brows and asked, “What do you think?”


Whilst he was asking that, his bright eyes were keenly observing her from head to bottom.


Di Fuyao’s small face turned dark. She suddenly covered her chest with her hands and refused immediately.


“Little girl, can you think a bit more purely?” retorted Ye Chongyuan whilst he helplessly placed a hand on his forehead. He then blinked his starry eyes innocently and said, “I was just looking at how annoyed my little wife is with your seal.”


“So? How do you plan to help me?” asked Di Fuyao, her eyes were shining whilst she doubtfully sized him up.


Ye Chongyuan was smiling demonically and replied, “Pure spirit.”


As she thought…


Ye Chongyuan, don’t be too pressuring… got to woo the girl, don’t you know????


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