Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 20.1



Chapter 20.1 : Thigh Hugger

Di Fuyao had suddenly stopped in her tracks.


The bronze cauldron who was previously observing her suddenly said, “Your body was not originally a  trash that could not cultivate. Your innate talent was sealed off by someone, and only I have a way to fix this!”


“Eh?” Only then did Di Fuyao gain interest in what the bronze cauldron was saying and turned around. She slowly walked towards the cauldron and then smiled sinisterly, “Little bronze cauldron, are you messing with me and lying to me?”


“It’s the truth! Truer than a pearl!”


How could he possibly dare lie to her again? She was the only master that could wake it up, and it didn’t want to stay in this stupid patio any longer.  The patio was windy, the sun shined too much here and the snow always piled up!  


It wanted to grab on to Di Fuyao’s thigh and leave this stupid place!


(TN: Hugging a thigh means to rely on someone.)


It was very clear that its master was very doubtful of its strength.


“Master, drip some blood on my body. I will show you the definition a blinding miracle!” said the bronze cauldron heroically.


Di Fuyao half doubtingly and half believingly dripped some blood on the bronze cauldron’s body.


The blood quickly penetrated through the cauldron and within a second, the rust on the cauldron began to peel off at a speed that the human eye could not see. The bronze color faded away and the cauldron turned back to its original purple color. This shade of purple carried a sense of uniqueness and unyieldingness to it.  It had a shine all over its body, making it seem like an extraordinary totem. Many purple beams of light shot out from the totem and all flew around Di Fuyao gracefully.


“Master,  don’t I look nice?! Aren’t I awesome?!” said the cauldron proudly.


The shock in Di Fuyao’s heart was temporarily calmed by its words, causing her to not know whether to cry or laugh, “Can you be a bit more low key?”


Although there was only Di Yaotian and her in the Pill Refinery, there was still a chance that  people could come in at any time. If she was caught, then it would be very troublesome.


“Don’t worry, Master. I have lots of capabilities! Here, hold on, I will show you.” said the cauldron.


Immediately, after it had said that, there was a flash by her eyes and a large two feet long cauldron had shrunk down to the size of her palm.


Di Fuyao was very surprised, “Can you turn any smaller?”


“Of course!” said the  cauldron haughtily, “I can turn into virtually nothingness!”


Di Fuyao did not know what the boundaries of turning into nothingness were, and could only see the purple cauldron disappear before her eyes.


“Master, look at you wrist!” reminded the cauldron in her head.


She lifted her sleeve and as expected, there was a purple cauldron tattoo on her wrist. It looked as if she was born with it, and it would also flicker and shine every so often.


Di Fuyao’s face darkened, “Your actions are the ones of a thief. Who allowed you into my body?!”


The cauldron’s weak voice appeared in her head, “Master, when I turn into nothingness, wouldn’t it be easier for you to have me around?”


This cauldron clearly knew how to twist up its words and forced them into logic far too well!


“Would it cause any damage or side effects to my body?”


“I promise that it won’t! Master, please rest assured!”


“Do you have a name?” asked Di Fuyao.


The cauldron then suddenly spoke in a shy tone, “Yes, Master can call me Di Gouyou.”


After she heard its name, she bursted  out laughing, “Discarded Sewer Oil?”


This name was simple, rough, and full of spirit! Just like the earth.


“Mater, I am from the same clan as you, it’s Di Gouyou!


“Alright, Sewer Oil.”


(TN: This was a play on words as “Di Gou You” sounds like discarded sewer oil.)


Di Fuyao walked out of the Pill Refinery Room and curiously asked, “What do you think is up with the seal on my body?”


Di Gouyou then replied, “Master, the seal on your body is a type of probation. Only a probation seal could seal off a person’s innate talent and vessels at birth. This seal can only be placed on a newborn child who has not yet contracted any element from the world.”


Having heard what it said, Di Fuyao’s eyes turned chillingly cold.


What kind of person would be so vicious and cruel? Why would they seal off her innate talent from birth?!


“This type of seal was usually used on infants with high innate talent. Master, maybe you are a genius that is only born every hundred of years. Perhaps they were jealous and hateful of you, so they placed a seal on you!” explained Di Gouyou as a  terrible plot appeared in its head.


“How can I break this seal?”


It was okay if she had a seal on her, the most important question was if there was a way to get rid of the seal. Otherwise, it would be tragic for her to be such a useless trash in such a fun fantasy world. She had also wanted to play with magic and shoot fireballs with just a wave of her hand.


Di Guoyou thought for a moment and then said, “The probation seal is a demonic technique, so you must need a pure man to oppose it. Master, you must find a man who is full of pureness and then absorb his pureness. Only then will your probation be lifted off. Remember, he must be very pure!”




Di Fuyao was not agreeing with its stupid idea at all. What the heck is this? She had just been reborn and it wanted her to bang a man? She was not a thirsty and impatient monster!


“Master could also find an item that is full of pureness…” said Di Gouyou weakly, worrying that it would offend its fierce master.


Now Di Fuyao’s brows relaxed and she nodded her head, “That works.”


As long as she didn’t have to bang a stranger, then looking for an item would be the better choice for her.

“Little shrew~~”

Just as she was thinking about where to look for an item that was full of pureness, a demonic and deep voice came from behind her.


I wonder who this is…



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