Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 2



Chapter 2

They only saw the silhouette on the strong man’s back move in a flash. A long leg suddenly kicked  ruthlessly fast towards Chun Xi. The speed was very unexpected and fast, therefore, Chun Xi did not have enough time to prepare for it, and the nail was hit on the head. She staggered for a bit and was kicked into the beast room. The large doors creaked and closed off.

Nobody had saw clearly what had happened. They could hear the sounds of Chun Xi’s frightened screams from inside the beast room, “Ahhhhh help!”

Her voice had turned from terrified to weak, and finally, only the sounds of the demonic beasts devouring their food whole could be heard.

And just like that, a single person’s life had been relinquished, all the onlooking young girls looked at each other with shock.

When Di Fuling saw the demonic, petite figure behind the strong man, her complexion changed to fury and she screamed angrily, “Di Fuyao you b*tch! Come over here!”

Damn waste! Not only did she make her lose an obedient dog, but she also ruined her mood! That was unforgivable!

“Fifth Sister, what did you call me for?”

A relaxed and joking tone came from Di Fuyao’s mouth.

The strong man who stood in front of her had a huge fright. When he looked behind, his vision was filled with an incredibly terrifying and ghostly face that ran from under his eyes. He screamed on the spot, and was scared to the point of peeing his pants.

“Who is your Fifth Sister you lowly servant. You even dared to ruin this Young Miss’s mood! I will let you live a life worse than death!” Di Fuling’s small face was filled with anger. She drew out a whip that was covered in thin needles and fiercely struck towards Di Fuyao.

The corners of Di Fuyao’s mouth lightly tugged upwards and she grinned evilly. Her eyes were like a sword, and they flashed towards Di Fuling.

Her eyes were deep and cold, just like the eyes of a venomous snake. Di Fuling suddenly felt a sudden chill run up her back, and subconsciously took a step back.

“You damn lowly servant! You dare to stare at me?!”

She, a high and mighty second rank element master, was scared by an idiot. Di Fuling’s complexion was very ugly at this point, and she used all of her might to furiously swing the long whip out.

The whip, carrying a sharp hissing sound, headed towards Di Fuyao.

Once a whip filled with needles was swung, not only would the flesh lacerate from the corporal, but it would also leave behind countless tiny wounds.  The pain from that whip would be absolutely intolerable for humans.

Everyone present raised their heads in hopes for the whip to land on Di Fuyao’s body.

However, Di Fuyao opened her hand and steadily caught the soft whip. When the sharp needles entered her small hands, she turned a deaf ear to it, her brows hadn’t even wrinkled in the slightest.

Di Fuyao started to laugh. It seemed almost as if she didn’t feel any bit of pain. Her smile was extremely tranquil. Within that ghostly face, there seemed to be a small trace of evilness hidden beneath the kindness. “This type playing is too boring. Come, this sister will show you a funner way to play. This is what you really called Living. A. Life. Worst. Than. Death!”

Di Fuling was struck dumb, she didn’t have any time to recover.

Di Fuyao tugged hardly at the end of the soft whip. She was caught unprepared and fell down to the ground by the huge force that pulled her causing the soft whip then slipped out of her hand.

“People who bully me, will be repaid a tooth for tooth! They will repay a thousands of times more!”

A sweet and beautiful laughter rang out, however,  it made Di Fuling feel stiff and rigid . A partial silhouette of a shadow came from the skies, and with a “Pa” sound, it fiercely landed on Di Fuling’s body.

Her flesh lacerated from the corporal instantly, and she was drenched in blood.

“You lowly servant! Do you not want to live anymore?! You even dare to hit me!” screamed Di Fuling painfully. She suddenly flung her arm and threw a fireball towards Di Fuyao.

Who knew that Di Fuyao’s body was extremely nimble, and she dodged the raging fireball. The whip that was filled with needles suddenly slashed towards Di Fuling repeatedly like a rainstorm. Di Fuyao hadn’t even given Di Fuling a chance to gasp for breath

Pa! Pa! Pa!

When Di Fuyao retrieved the whip, her techniques were very peculiar. When the needles enter Di Fuling’s skin, she did not immediately retrieve it. Instead, she used all her might and pulled the whip back. In a blink of an eye, the number of deep wounds appearing on Di Fuling’s skin was countless.  Her skin and flesh was mangled together in a massive heap whilst her blood was constantly spilling out. The absolute gore of this scene was indescribable.

All the Young Misses from influential families stood there terrified, and they all wanted to run and hide from this gory scene. Each and every one of them were afraid of being that needled whip’s next victim

The young girl dressed in green widened her eyes and quickly reacted.  She began chanting an array of spells, summoning her contract beast and immediately ordered,  “You dare to bully my best friend, Fuling! Scarlet Lightning Cat, go kill that stinking pig!”

Once her voice rang out, a Scarlet Lightning Cat emitted a strange electrical light that had appeared out of thin air. It bared its fangs furiously and looked downright terrifying. Its sharp claws scraped the ground, and an eye catching lightning bolt shot out.

Di Fuyao’s eyes couldn’t help but light up with interest, the corners of her mouth had instantly hooked up in amusement.

Every element master in the Bi Tian continent could of course  make a contract with demonic beasts. Obviously, the stronger the host, the greater fighting power their contract beast would have.  On the other hand, if the host’s power was weak, then it was very likely for their contract beast to turn on them.

The young girl dressed in green was a second rank element master,  however, that Scarlet Lightning cat was ranked three stars. Its strength was higher than hers, and yet she still dared to summon it. Her face was pale and sweat could be seen rolling down her forehead. This was clearly showing her lack of strength and that she could barely control her contract beast.

Di Fuyao smiled evilly. She then turned towards the Scarlet Lightning Cat, and pointed her middle finger at it. With a radiant smile she said, “Mentally insane cat!”

“Mreow!” It responded whilst letting out a sharp snarl. How could a Scarlet Lightning Cat stand being humiliated by trash? The lightning bursted more intensely and the Scarlet Lightning Cat bared its fangs towards Di Fuyao and furiously attacked.


Scarlet Lightning Cat… Better look carefully at the person in front of you…


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