Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 19.2



Chapter 19.2 : Contract

Could it have turned into a demonic spirit?


“You are a demonic spirit!” screamed the bronze cauldron angrily and then it proudly said, “I am a soul!”


The corner of Di Fuyao’s lips curved up and a sense of craftyness flashed by her eyes. She lifted her foot without another word, and she stepped right on the body of the bronze cauldron.


The bronze cauldron released buzzing sounds and vibration. Because the cauldron has been outside for many years, being blown by the wind and hit by the rain, it had lots of dust on its body that fell onto the ground. Di Fuyao had imprinted a large footprint on its body from that one step.


“If you keep speaking nonsense, then I will remove your little leg.” There was a gloomy smile on Di Fuyao’s small face, and she clapped her hands before she started to walk away.


“Hey! Master, don’t leave!” The bronze cauldron’s tone suddenly changed and it pitifully said, “If you are leaving, then bring me with you!”


Di Fuyao glanced back at it, and then she said in a loathful tone, “You are too worn out, so I am not interested in you. Also I am not your master, so if you continue to call me that, then beware of me kicking you a few more times!”


“You have already signed a contract and awoken me. Our spirits are linked together, that is the best proof!” said the bronze cauldron with an impatient tone. It was too bad that it could not move, or else it would have already latched on to Di Fuyao’s leg.


Di Fuyao slightly squinted her eyes and she was a bit doubtful, “When did I agree to a contract?”


“It was your blood!” said the bronze cauldron hurriedly.


Di Fuyao lowered her head, and as expected there was a open wound that was currently bleeding. It was probably because she was not careful when entering the cauldron and accidentally cut open a slit on the back of her hand.


“See? I am not lying! You are now officially my master. If you are leaving, you must bring me with you too!” The bronze cauldron pitifully begged to be wrapped up and brought along with her. It was completely different from its arrogant behavior before.


Di Fuyao thought about it for a few moments before she doubtfully said, “However, you were the only one that accepted my blood. I never said that I would accept the contract, so why am I your master?”


Did it really think that she was stupid? For a contract to be true, both parties must agree to it. If it was only based off of its words that they have agreed to a contract, then it is such a big joke!


The bronze cauldron that has been exposed was now feeling guilty, but it reluctantly said, “Master, you can’t just leave me here and not want me! You will be struck by lightning!”


Being the spirit inside of a precious cauldron, it was being loathed to this point. Wuu~ It felt so bad! It  wanted to cry!


“Oh?” Di Fuyao said slowly, nodded her head, and then she turned around and walked away with large strides.


Then the bronze cauldron hurriedly said, “I can speak nice words! I can make your life not as boring! I am master’s considerate little treasure!”


The Di Fuyao who had her back turned to it slightly smiled. Her life was not boring to the point of needing a bronze cauldron to keep company with.


“I can help you turn into a high leveled pill refiner!” It made a solemn vow and continued to lure her.


Di Fuyao acted as if she heard nothing and continued to walk away.


Seeing that she was not lured by what it had said at all, it started to panic. Then it pulled out its trump card and said, “I know how to get rid of the seal that is sealing your innate talent!”


Isn’t that bronze cauldron so freaking adorable? Like, Di Fuyao, I would take it up on that offer if I were you…


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