Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 19.1



Chapter 19.1 : A Contract



There was another explosion sound along with  sounds of Di Yaotian cursing, “F*CK! I forgot the medical primer!”


Di Fuyao was startled by Di Yaotian’s voice, and immediately began looking  around everywhere. Her eyes locked onto the two meter tall bronze cauldron on the patio. She squinted her eyes, and then took a large  stride forward, she then leaped, and caught the cauldron.  Afterwards, she hopped into the cauldron.


The moment that she hopped into the beam, Di Yaotian had angrily walked out of the refinery to retrieve the Dragon Spirit Grass that he had forgotten.


Di Fuyao slowed her breathing and concentrated her spirit whilst cursing in her heart.


This cauldron was what the Di Family used to burn incenses, so the inner layer of the beam contained a thick layer of ashes. The ashes had almost made her cry and cough uncontrollably.


She didn’t know why Di Yaotian had left the refinery or why he stayed in the warehouse for so long for. The ashes in the beam began to suffocate her, and she already had many mouthfuls of ash. If she had her violent temperament from  before, then this cauldron would have already been flying from her kick.


“What are you talking about? You are the broken one! Your whole body is worn out!”


A clear and cold voice of a little child swept  into her ears.


Di Fuyao’s body stiffened a bit and began to think to herself. The heck is happening? Am I starting to hear things?


“My luck must really bad to encounter a stupid master like you!” said the voice sorrowfully. It seemed to really dislike her.


This time she had clearly heard the voice. It was not an illusion!


Suddenly a strange and terrifying feeling appeared in Di Fuyao’s heart.


Her anger rose and her violent temperament suddenly came out.


“Little thing, you said that I am stupid, but if you have the strength, then come out and fight me!”


Tsk, I am a civilized person. I use my mouth and not my hands.” said the voice in a rightful manner.


Di Fuyao restrained her anger and waited for Di Yaotian to come back before she jumped out. She looked at herself, only to see her whole body covered in ashes.


Her cautious and angry eyes looked around the patio, but she did not see anyone.


‘Hey! I’m over here! Where the heck are you looking at?! You really are a stupid person!” bickered the voice.


“Are you a malignant tumor that could not be exposed to light? Show yourself!” Di Fuyao was too lazy to look for the owner of the little voice, so she just stood there and patted off the dust on her. As she was patting off the dust, she was also getting ready to attack.


“I am behind you!”




Di Fuyao furiously turned her body around only to see the bronze cauldron and no person.


“I have already said that I am not broken and dirty!” said the voice angrily.


Only now did Di Fuyao realise that the one who had been retorting to her was not a person and was this dirty bronze cauldron!




How could a bronze cauldron speak? Could it be….


I want a talking cauldron too… Since you don’t want it, Di Fuyao, can I have it?


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