Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 18



Chapter 18 : Pill Refinery Room

Di Yaotian had restrained his anger and lightly smiled towards Nangong Changqing whilst saying, “Your Highness, please don’t be offended by this. My Fourth daughter’s brain has been a bit muddled since she was little, causing her to be a bit foolish and stupid, so if anything she said or done has offended Your Highness, I hope Your Highness can forgive her.”


Nangong Changqing’s cold, handsome face relaxeda little, and his deep eyes looked outside.


Foolish and stupid?


It was more like a great genius hidden amongst stupidity.


Otherwise, how could he have only now noticed that someone was hiding in the dark corner? Had she not  intentionally revealed herself, he would probably not have even noticed that she was there!


After ordering Di Yaotian for the pill refining, Nangon Changqing had begun to get up to leave. However, at that moment, Yun Shi could be seen hurriedly walking over, along with Di Fuling, who was gasping for air. Di Fuling had wore a long, yellow flowy dress and had applied some makeup. Overall, from head to toe, she had looked beautiful. When she saw Nangong Changqing, she bowed down to pay her respects with slightly red cheeks. She then shyly and respectfully said, “Fuling greets Your Highness Crown Prince.”


“Your Highness, the feast is ready…” Yun Shi said as she walked up to invite him. However, before she had a chance to finish speaking, Nangong Changqing had coldly ignored her and spat out two words, “No need.” After that, he wordlessly left the Di Manor. Whilst Di Fuling who was standing off to the side, was shocked. She was trying to seduce him, but he hadn’t even glanced at her from the corner of his eye. He had just walked past her and completely ignored her existence.


After Nangong Changqing had left, Di Fuling reverted back to her normal self and angrily ranted, “Am I just air?! There was a beauty standing right here, but he left without even looking at me!”


She had spent so much time to make herself look prettier, but got nothing in return! It was a waste of her efforts.


Yun Shi was also helpless, “Crown Prince Changqing is known for his coldness. Up until now, there has never been a woman who he had properly put in his eyes.”


Di Fuling agreed with what her mother said and then gave a ridiculing smile, “Exactly! Feiyue likes the Crown Prince, but the Crown Prince’s standards are too high and would never look at us mortal girls. I reckon only a goddess from the skies would be able to match our Nan Xuan Kingdom’s Crown Prince!”


“My lord, what did the Crown Prince need you for?” Asked Yun Shi curiously.


Di Yaotian proudly took out the Mystical Beast Pill and said, “He had a request for me, of course!”


“This is the Mystical Beast Pill?!” The mother and daughter pair were both shocked and  speechless by Nangong Changqing’s generosity.


“Hmph! Now that I have a Mystical Beast Pill, I don’t have to go beg that old man Luo anymore!”


The Luo Family was a beast taming family, and a rare Mystical Beast Pill was like candy in the Luo Family. The Di Family had always wanted a personal protector demonic beast and Di Yaotian spent a lot of time trying to get on old man Luo’s good side, but was never able to buy a Mystical Beast Pill from him.


Di Yaotian adjusted his expression and said in a serious tone, “His Highness wants me to go into seclusion to refine a pill, so even if the skies are falling do not bother me!”


Right now, the Mystical Beast Pill was only under his name for safekeeping. As long as he could successfully refine the pill that the Crown Prince wanted, then the Mystical Beast Pill would officially be his.


Yunshi and Di Fuling both eagerly nodded their heads and understood what to do. Di Yaotian then hurriedly grabbed the Mystical Beast Pill and headed towards the Pill Refinery Room.


Di Fuling had now only reacted and bitterly said, “If Father is going to refine a pill, then who will take care of that lowly servant?”


She would not give up until she had gotten settled the anger in her heart.


“Fuling, restrain your temper. At this moment, the most important thing in the Di Family is for your Father to successfully refine that pill.” Reminded Yunshi sincerely and earnestly, “There will be lots of time in the future for us to handle that lowly servant.”


Di Fuling didn’t dare to retort any further. Hmph! I will let that that lowly servant, Di Fuyao, live comfortably for a few days!


No one noticed that Di Fuyao was on the underside of the roof and had heard the conversation between the three people clearly. When she saw that Di Yaotian walked off to the Pill Refinery Room, her expression revealed a ridiculing and demonic smile.


“Refining pills? Interesting!”


The mother and daughter pair were so focused on their conversations that they did not even notice the shadow flashing above their heads. That shadow had left the main hall and headed towards the Pill Refinery Room.


The Pill Refinery Room in the Di Manor had taken up the whole area in the East Garden and contained many refineries and warehouses that stored medical ingredients. After Di Yaotian had routinely strolled into different warehouses to grab ingredients, he then walked into the largest refinery room and began to refine the pill.


Di Fuyao had arrived here a step too late, as Di Yaotian had already shut the doors to the room he was in. She was a bit sad that she could not see Di Yaotian’s refining techniques with her own eyes. However, there were many more refinery rooms and warehouses that she could look at first!


Di Fuyao pushed open the doors to a refinery room and glanced around. All of the walls were constructed of thick bronze and iron to provide lots of protection. Whilst in the middle of the room, there were several different medical ingredients that had littered the mat that was beside the pill refining furnace.   


It was a pity that you needed keys in order to go into the warehouse.


Di Fuyao let out a sigh and said, “Just looking at the outside of the refinery room does not help! I want to learn how to use the fire element to let out fire and refine pills!”




Suddenly, sounds of explosion came from the refinery room.


Di Fuyao stared blankly at the refinery room. Why had it exploded?


Hm… This is Di Yaotian we’re talking about, so what could it be?


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