Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 17



Chapter 17 : Private Words

He had only recently found out that his third daughter, Di Shengxia, found a Dragon Spirit Grass. How come the Crown Prince came asking for it coincidently?


The Dragon Spirit Grass was incredibly precious. Even a medical family like the Di Family only had three of these plants. The Dragon Spirit Grass was one of the most important treasures of the Di Family. The longer the Dragon Spirit Grass would grow, the stronger its potency. Normally, they didn’t even bear to use it.


Now that Di Yaotian had to give one out for free, he felt very resentful.


“Di Family Head does not have to worry about anything. This Prince will promise that you will not suffer a lost.” After he said that, Nangong Changqing opened his hand and revealed his palm. On his palm there was a pill the size of a pigeon egg. This pill was smoothly rounded and sparkled. On the pill’s outer layer, there seemed to be a misty cloud floating around it. It was like a dense layer of fog.


“Mystical Beast Pill?!” Di Yaotian’s expressions immediately changed, and then with his eyes shone and he nodded his head as he said, “Deal!”


Just one Mystical Beast Pill could let a demonic beast above five stars and below seven stars obediently serve its tamer.  Although their Di Family has caught many demonic beasts, the highest level they had was a five star. With this Mystical Beast Pill, they would be able to capture even higher leveled demonic beasts! No matter how they compared it, the values of a Mystical Beast Pill was worth more than Dragon Spirit Grass!


“However….” Nangong Changqing said coldly as he warned him first, “If you fail to make the pill I want, you must return the Mystical Beast Pill!”


“Your Highness can be reassured! I will bring the pill to you in three days!” Di Yaotian happily accepted the Mystical Beast Pill as he promised. However, his gaze did not leave the Mystical Beast Pill, and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.


“This matter must not be known by a third person, or else—” When Nangong Changqing was saying this, he saw a shadow flash by with the corner of his eye. His star like eyes filled with a murderous aura, and he coldly shouted, “Who is here?!”


He finally saw a petite figure slowly walking out from the shadows. She was holding a dessert in her hand. This person was Di Fuyao.


“Stupid girl, what are you hiding there for?!” Di Yaotian’s eyes widened, and his anger started to rise again. “Why are you not kneeling down and apologizing to the Crown Prince yet?!”


Di Fuyao’s eyes flashed and seemed to sparkle with energy as she innocently said, “If you really love to kneel so much, then why don’t you kneel yourself? You can kneel until the end of time, and no one will say anything to you.”


She would not just kneel down so easily. He was telling her to kneel there and telling her to kneel here. If he really loved to kneel so much, then he could go kneel himself! She wouldn’t be stopping him anyways!


Di Yaotian was angered to the point of speechlessness.


“Who is she?” Nangong Changqing’s eyes swept past Di Fuyao without any expressions, but he gave Di Fuyao a cold feeling with just that one look. He seems to be warning her.


“Your Highness, she is just a nobody. She will not spread this matter outside.” Di Yaotian promised. Then, he quickly placed the Mystical Beast Pill in a safe spot in case Nangong Changqing wanted it back. This stupid girl was an idiot anyways, so she would not know what he and the Crown Prince were talking about.


Di Fuyao let out a brilliant smile and said, “I would not say what? A deal that could not be told to others?”


The atmosphere suddenly turned cold. Nangong Changqing coldly stared at her. His gaze was as cold as ice, and there was a layer of anger on his handsome face. It was as if he would kill her if she said another word.


Di Fuyao was not scared by him at all, and she sized Nangong Changqing up from top to bottom as she clicked her tongue. His looks were on par with Er Gouzi, but it was just too cold. He was just like a handsome man made from ice!


Both of them had their pros and cons, and both were filthy to her.


Di Yaotian, who was scowling with anger, screamed, “Stupid girl, why have you not left yet?! LEAVE!”


If he continued to let her stay here, he felt that stupid girl would stain the noble and cold Crown Prince!


Di Yaotian let out a yawn and dully said, “I am not interested in the deal you two are doing. You two can continue saying your private words, I won’t continue to bother you guys.”


(TN: Private words are usually spoken between husband and wife.)


After she finished speaking, she left the inner palace without turning back. All that was a left was a dark look on Nangong Changqing’s face and anger on Di Yaotian’s.


Private words?


She was a girl yet she was able to say such shameless and low words out of her mouth!


It would be fine if she just used the word, but she used it to describe his and the Crown Prince’s relationship! That stupid girl was just too hateful!


Di Yaotian deserves everything Di Fuyao dishes out to him.


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