Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 16



Chapter 16: Impudent

“Your Highness Crown Prince!” Di Yaotian yelled as he ran up to greet the Crown Prince with a beaming face of respect.


The person he greeted was none other than the most respected Crown Prince in the Nan Xuan Kingdom, Nangong Changqing.


Yun Shi and Di Fuling also greeted him respectfully, “Greetings, Your Highness Crown Prince”


Nangong Changqing’s eyes swept past them and then indifferently asked, “Is the Di Family Head hosting a wild feast?




When Di Yaotian looked up, he saw how pitiful his wife, daughter and servants looked. They were all covered in dust. He then suddenly became embarrassed, and held back all of his anger as glanced towards Di Fuyao who was standing off the side. It was all this stupid girl’s fault… wait!


It would have been less aggravating if he hadn’t looked. However, when his gaze swept towards her, he saw Di Fuyao laying in an extremely ungraceful position on the table stealing the fruits and snacks.  


Everyone had frozen in their positions when they saw what was happened. It was as if they had turned to stone. In the silent atmosphere, all they could hear were the sounds from Di Fuyao eating.


“DI FUYAO!!!!!”


A flustered and indignant scream came out of Di Yaotian’s mouth.


The Crown Prince was present, and yet this stupid girl was still acting like that. She clearly didn’t know and rules and had no decorum at all!


Di Yaotian was both angry and anxious but made sure to carefully observe  Nangong Changqing’s facial expression. To his surprise, his expression was still cold and unchanged. It was as if this stupid girl’s actions had not bothered him at all.


“Ah, I’m full!” said Di Fuyao as she finished eating, also not forgetting to grab a few snacks on the way. She had now only ceased her shameful actions that had angered the raging Di Family.


Di Fuling was secretly cursing in her heart. She was indeed the famous vulgar b*tch. She had completely destroyed and lost all of the Di Medical Family’s face.


“Di Family head, this time I have came here to discuss something with you.” Nangong Changqing said as his eyes swept over the main lobby. His brows wrinkled slightly as he paused his speech.


Di Yaotian immediately understood what Nangong Changqing was here for and said, “Your Highness, this way please!”


The main lobby was in such a state of mess due to the flaming whip. The entire area was completely unkempt. How could they entertain an important guest, no less the Crown Prince in such a place? Di Yaotian quickly brought the Crown Prince into the inner hall to discuss about their matters.

“It’s all her- Eh? Where did that little b*tch go?” Di Fuling asked as she had originally wanted to blame Di Fuyao. But, when she looked around, Di Fuyao had already left the main lobby. She could not help but feel a chill of terror. Did that little b*tch turn into a ghost? How could she have disappeared within a blink of an eye?!


“Fuling, let’s not bother with her, for now, hurry up and go change into something pretty! We need you to leave the a good impression on Crown Prince!” reminded Yun Shi with an underlying tone.


“Mother, the Crown Prince has already seen my sorry state!” screamed Di Fuling angrily. This was angering her to death! The main reason was because that little b*tch had run away after she was finished destroying things! That was simply too hateful!


Yunshi meaningfully said, “Foolish girl, it is better late than never, and it is not too late yet! Hurry up and go dress yourself nicely! Mother will try to think of a way to get the Crown Prince to stay for dinner.”


Although Di Fuling had said that she did not want to, her body had automatically ran back into her room and she started to change into something prettier.


Even though she already had someone else in her heart, the Crown Prince was still the man of many girl’s dreams in the Nan Xuan Kingdom. If she was able to gain the Crown Prince’s favour, then it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.


Inner Hall.


“What is the matter that had made Your Highness personally come to this manor?” asked Di Yaotian eagerly as he was filled with curiosity.

   The Crown Prince’s personality was very proud and cold. He rarely ever went out to large families to visit. For the Crown Prince to personally come to the Di Manor, the matter must not have been simple!


 Nangong Changqing got straight to the point and said, “This Prince wants you to refine a pill.”


“Crown Prince, please continue.” Di Yaotian replied, when he saw the Crown Prince’s serious expression. He began to consider this matter of high importance.


Nangong Changqing then silently passed a prescription slip to Di Yaotian. Di Yaotian took a peek at the remedy, and then suddenly his expression changed to surprise. He then said, “Was the Empress…”


“Other than one ingredient, the rest are not hard to find.” said Nangong Changqing as he cut  Di Yaotian’s words off.


Di Yaotian carefully observed the expression changes on the Crown Prince’s face. Once he had stopped speaking, Di Yaotian immediately knew that his request for refining a pill was just a cover up, refining a pill was a simple matter and was not important enough to constitute a visit from the Crown Prince himself. The true purpose of his visit was for that single ingredient.


The Di Family was the largest medical family in the whole Nan Xuan Kingdom and normally did not interact much with the royal family. However, if they were able to help the Crown Prince, then that would help gain the Di Family better future prospects. Additionally, it would cause His Highness to owe the Di Family a favour and thus, be forever grateful to them.


Di Yaotian had then made his decision and plastered an expression of worry on his face as he said, “The Empress’s illness shouldn’t be prolonged any further. If Your Highness needs any ingredients, feel free to ask. As long as the Di Family can help you, then we will definitely help you!


“Dragon Spirit Grass.”


When Nangong Chanqing had uttered those words, Di Yaotian’s expression immediately changed.


Nangong Chanqing… Second male lead? Or someone we need to get ready to kill?



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