Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 15



Attention : Yunshi’s name will now be translated as Yun Shi. The Shi isn’t actually part of her name but sort of like a title, like concubine.

Chapter 15 : Infuriating

“You evil creature! If I do not beat you to death today, then I will not be your father!” screamed Di Yaotian full of rage and fury. The horse whip in his hands flew into the air, as if it was a flaming snake, rapidly heading towards Di Fuyao.


Yun Shi held Di Fuling’s hand and stepped a few steps back, so they didn’t accidentally get hit by Di Yaotian.


Everyone present also stepped a few steps back in shock, scared of being struck by Di Yaotian’s whip.


Di Fuyao seemed to be the only one standing, head high and without fear in the large and grand main lobby.


The flaming whip came speeding towards her. She didn’t change her expressions and only slightly raised her brows as she said with interest, “Oh, so this is the fire element?”


This world was full of fascinating colors. Humans used the methods of cultivating qi to cultivate the power of elements. The elements’ innate skills were split into two types, inborn and acquired.


The power of elements are split into gold, wood, wind, fire, ice, ground, lightning, light, and dark.


The Di Family was a medicinal family whose teachings had been passed down for hundreds of years. The children of the Di Family were usually all born with fire and wood innate skills. Those were the conditions in becoming a pill refiner.


Not only was Di Yaotian a high level pill refiner, he was a Sixth Rank Advanced Element Master. He had already practiced the power of both fire and wood elements to perfection. For him to go against the Di Fuyao who was a trash without any strength was as simple as if he was squashing an ant.


This was what everyone thought. A level zero trash versus a high level element master? Wasn’t that just looking for death?!


The moment when everyone thought that Di Fuyao would die under the power of the flaming whip, something happened that struck everyone dumb.


They were only able to see her nimbly avoid the attack of the fiery whip. She even leisurely looked at the flames on the whip seriously, and her mouth endlessly praised, “Nice, nice! This is more powerful than a whip soaked in oil!”


The fire that surrounded the horse whip came from Di Yaotian’s hands. Not only did the fire not weaken over time, it strengthened as time passed.


No matter how strong the fire was, it was not able to threaten her. It couldn’t even touch the corner of her clothes.


Di Yaotian was both angry and embarrassed. He even started to wonder if his strength decreased. How come he couldn’t even beat this stupid girl?


In reality, Di Fuyao belonged to a group of assassins in her past life. Being fast and fierce was her style of doing things. Coincidentally, she had managed to learn ancient martial arts from a powerful master for a full ten years. If it was not because she was reborn into such a weak body, she would even be able steal the flaming whip from a Sixth-Rank Advanced Element Master easily.


That way she wouldn’t have to just look while her opponent was playing with the fire element. She would be able to steal it and play with it herself.


“Darn it!” Di Yaotian was completely enraged by her calm and relaxed expression. He clenched his teeth, increased his power, and waved the whip around. The powerful and fierce whip swung around from side to side as if it was a ferocious beast. The swinging generated winds which helped the fire grow. In a split second, the flames were even more powerful.


The more Di Fuyao fought, the braver she became. Her speed was as fast as lightning, and she purposely ran towards the corner Yun Shi was standing in.


The sparks of fire spluttered. They fell down like rain on Yun Shi and created burns.


Di Yaotian’s face turned into an eggplant, both black and angry. He looked behind Yun Shi and Di Fuling for the crafty Di Fuyao as he screamed with an overbearing force, “Stupid girl! Come out right now!”


Di Fuyao snorted disdainfully. She was not stupid, so why would she want to come down and get beaten to death?


“Maser, His Highness Crown Prince has arrived.” Housekeeper Li suddenly announced.


Why did the Crown Prince come at this moment?


“Hurry, invite him in!” Di Yaotian was startled and quickly extinguished the flames on his horse whip. Just when he was about to go out and greet the Crown Prince, he saw the fire that was slowly igniting in a certain corner out of the corner of his eyes.  He was suddenly surprised, and he could only see Yun Shi and the others covered in sparks of burning fire, looking like clowns.


He hurriedly ran over and patted off the fire on Yunshi and Di Fuling.


The fire had just been extinguished when a clear and cold voice rang behind them, “Di Family Head.”


Di Yaotian turned around to see a man who was wearing an elegant and noble gold robe. His facial features were incredibly handsome. He had sharp brows and star-like eyes. His deep phoenix eyes revealed a sense of sternness and were tranquil. He seemed like a cold and noble immortal. However his attitude was icy and arrogant. He carried an isolated aura and seemed very closed off. At the same time, he was unrestrained and peerlessly magnificent.


Yun Shi and Di Fuling definitely got what they deserved… In fact, it would be great if they got more…


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